The Chicago Cubs are NOT GOOD at baseball


Hello, good day, hope you are all doing fantastic. It is Friday, and as well all know, that means it is time for some ramblings. It is time to just throw some thoughts out there, see what sticks, then ask some hopefully intriguing questions and create some debate. That is what we do here, so let’s get it on. The trade deadline is Sunday, and a certain third baseman might be changing his tune.

So, without further ado …

• On March 31st, 2008, Opening Day, he hit a towering 3-run blast off of Eric Gagne to tie the game in the bottom of the ninth. Oh, the wonderment he had created in three short hours, started by a double of the wall and ending with said homer. There was so much to come.

• Or not.

• What started as a tease has ended in a thud. Take care, Kosuke. God bless and good luck.

• All of a sudden, something made Aramis change, or possibly change, his tune. I am curious as to why this happened. Who talked to him? What did he or she say?

• Is it me, or is it a foregone conclusion that Wellington Castillo will be the starting catcher next year?

• Why don’t we try to get a low-level prospect from anyone for Soto? Worth a shot, right?

• No, that is not my thought. I read it on the CCO at some point a few months ago, but it makes a lot of sense today. Soto has now had three bad seasons.

• Three seasons is more than a trend. The time has passed. Move on.

• Sidebar: Zach Morris is now a lawyer in LA living with his best friend in an apartment referred to as “The Cave.” It has a hot tub and many scantily-clad women.

• That was the most obvious prediction of all-time for “Preppy.” Of course that was going to happen. I mean, what else would you do after scoring a 1502 on your SAT.

• If you didn’t watch “Saved by the Bell,” I am very sorry to put you through those thoughts.

• The next two months are critical for Colvin. He posted a .256 average in AAA. Can he really do it in the Bigs? He needs to make something happen for 60 days.

• Bryan LaHair’s AAA numbers are sick. Absolutely ridiculous. The comparison that comes to mind … Jason DuBois. Just a perfect example of another AAAA player for the Cubs.

• I mean, 29 homers, 76 RBI’s and a .335 average. It must be confidence, or lack thereof, when he gets at-bats for any Big club. But, it is fair to say that his time has passed.

• Struggling does not even begin to describe what B-Jack and Flaherty are experiencing in Iowa these days.

• We all need to slow our roles on these guys. There is absolutely NO reason to bring either of them up until they prove they can hit at that level.

• It’s not like the Cubs are going anywhere anytime soon. If ruining confidence is actually a possibility, let’s not go there.

• Tangent: These X-Games athletes are absolutely insane. Yes, I will ride a bike down a ramp nine-stories high, hit a ramp at full speed and then do flips and twists while attempting to land on a hard, wooden base.

• The Cubs need to sign at least one, if not two, legitimate starters this offseason. I mean, it has become more and more obvious that 2009 was the exception, not the rule for Randy Wells.

• However, when you take a look at who is available, it is rather disconcerting. Especially given the fact that FA pitchers garner ridiculous contracts these days.

• Are the Cubs prepared to spend $50 million on Edwin Jackson? I know, I know, sounds ridiculous, but I bet he gets something close to that.

• Your other choices: Scott Kazmir, Brad Penny, Joel Piniero, Javier Vasquez, Kevin Millwood …

• Do you want me to keep going?

• Seriously? Okay.

• John Maine, Hiroki Kuroda, Rich Harden, Livan Hernandez, Jeff Francis, Freddy Garcia …

• Sorry, I just can’t go any further. It is too depressing.

• At least Jay Jackson and Casey Coleman are panning out as planned.

• Josh Vitters will be 22 next month. I am still being patient. But, I have visions of Ryan Harvey dancing around in my head.

• Question to the masses? Is there a pitcher in the Cubs system that you are truly excited about? I mean, really, truly excited about?

• Nope, me neither.

• If I am wrong, let me hear it.

• If I am Ryne Sandberg, I have been breathing a huge sigh of relief the past four months. Let’s be honest, he could not have made a noticeable difference with these players. Nor could basically anyone.

So, on that ridiculously positive note, it is time to end my rambling stream of consciousness. The next two months are not critical for this team in any way, but there are plenty of things to watch, pay attention to and hope to see.

And, of course, until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!


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