Rambling about the Cubs Convention


The 26th annual Cubs Convention kicks off today. This will be my sixth convention, and it is always fun.

Nonetheless, with the Convention about to kickoff, and the excuses about to come coursing out of “the Management’s” mouth, Cubs fans are ready for a festive weekend while saluting Ronny in many ways.

So, with all that said, let’s ramble on down the road.

By: Brian McCabe

• The Cubs Convention is not sold out. Normally it sells out in 6 minutes.

• Hey, Tom, did you read that? It hasn’t sold out for two months!

• Now, don’t get me wrong. I disagree with most of the CCO faithful. I have no problem with Tom Ricketts. I think it is absolutely absurd to blame this man for anything after ONE season.

• However, I want to be sure he hears this. NOT SOLD OUT!

• I give my friend Neil credit for this one, but Garza and Pena are in for a big surprise this weekend.

• They will not believe their eyes. Some baseball teams have fans. It’s quite a concept.

• And if they want to know how much the fans care, they should sit in on the “Meet the Management” session on Saturday morning.

• It’s going to get UGLY!

• New to the Convention this year is the “Ricketts Family Forum.” Let the jokes commence.

• Tom, what do you think about your brother Todd?

• No, seriously, buddy. What do you really think?

• I think a lot of people are going to find out what Quade is made of this weekend. There are going to be a lot of interesting, rude, and off-the-wall questions.

• I can’t even comprehend how it is going to play out.

• It is going to be great to see Kerry Wood back in the house.

• And I think it is safe to say it is going to be rough without Ryno.

• Rough doesn’t even begin to describe Ronny’s absence. It is safe to say this Convention will produce more tears than any before and probably any after.

• I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of “Number 10’s” walking around the Chicago Hilton and Towers this weekend.

• In fact, 90% of this weekend will be about Mr. Santo. And it should be.

• It will be the celebration he always deserved. It will be the perfect way to say thank you.

• And though he can’t be there in person, he will be looking down on it, and I think it is safe to say, he will smile.

• I hope he realizes what he meant to this organization, its players and their fans.

• What a celebration it will be, and as Neil told me, there will not be a dry eye in the house.

So, for those who will be in attendance, enjoy it. It truly is a once in a lifetime experience.

And, as much as this weekend is all about the Cubs, I cannot go an entire column without saying …. BEAR DOWN!

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