Rambling about the Cubs Convention

The 26th annual Cubs Convention kicks off today. This will be my sixth convention, and it is always fun.

Nonetheless, with the Convention about to kickoff, and the excuses about to come coursing out of “the Management’s” mouth, Cubs fans are ready for a festive weekend while saluting Ronny in many ways.

So, with all that said, let’s ramble on down the road.

By: Brian McCabe

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Chicago Cubs Announce Players Attending Fan Convention


Chicago Cubs fans learned their next month at the 2011 Cubs Convention, as the Cubs today announced the first wave of attendees for the 26th annual gathering that takes place January 14-16, 2011 at the Hilton Chicago.

It’s a chance for MLB fans to welcome home Kerry Wood, spend time with future Hall of Famer Greg Maddux and say hello to newcomer Carlos Pena at his first convention.

Today’s listing includes a sampling of current members of the Cubs organization.  Many more active players, coaches and alumni will be announced in the weeks to come.

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