IlliNation Show 5 Featuring Pat Fitzgerald, Malik Turner, CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross


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We yet another action packed podcast for you this week! IlliNation Show 5 begins with the worst soundbite of all from B1G Media Day, and that honor went to Ohio State’s Chris Worley. Then we transition to Northwestern Coach Pat Fitzgerald, who reflects on his early days when he first took the job.

For Pat Fitzgerald, the beginnings of his tenure at NU were similar to Lovie Smith at Illinois, in that year one was actually year zero, and year two was actually year one.


What we mean by that is it’s not until year two that both Smith and Fitzgerald has one recruiting class of their own guys. Both entered the job so late in the cycle that in year one they didn’t have any of their own recruits in the program.

Next up is Illinois WR Malik Turner discussing what a full time job academics and football are in the power five. It’s a hot topic, given what UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen had to say this past week.

Finally, saving the best for last, we CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross previewing the B1G, both divisions, talks Michigan; as well as flightless birds, Instagram filters, jorts, Animal House using the Google machine, beer fueled Milwaukee Summerfest doings and transpirings. As he’s a Michigan man, Ross threw some shade at Urban Meyer. You have some Ohio State gas-lighting going on. 

Before closing the show with some talk about cute rescue animals.

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