1. The entire Chief Illiniwek fiasco of circa 2007 is another prime example of political correctness run amuk. Shame on the university for caving in to such silliness.

  2. Stew Merdian says

    Ol’ BC you are right! In two short sentences, your clarity & conciseness says it all. AND, if the U of I Board of Trustees think that the CHIEF will simply “fade away” like General MacArthur’s “old soldier,” they couldn’t be more mistaken….AGAIN! Old Illini remember him, young Illini have refused to let him go, & future Illini will insist on bringing him back to where he belongs, out on the field, on a beautiful autumn day, in front of thousands of adoring fans at Memorial Stadium screaming his name, “CHIEF! CHIEF! CHIEF!” as The Marching Illini form up & play the 3 and 1. I can still see him, weaving through the band, bursting from their midst, dancing down the field towards Assembly Hall, the sun blazing, the fans on their feet, screaming, tears running down their cheeks, as he leaps into the air, then turning & striding to the center of the Block I, with arms folded, stopping, turning to the east, facing the students, the future of the university, and the place where the sun rises, unfolding his arms, and with outstretched fringed sleeves & gloves, headdress blowing in the wind, raising his head to heaven, in symbolic homage to the Great Spirit, arms inviting an embrace to all… “alumni, friends & students,” as Jim Sheppard would say, waiting for them to respond with The Illinois Loyalty. “Hail to the orange, hail to the blue, hail Alma Mater, ever so true….so true. We love no other, so let our motto be, Victory, Illinois, varsity.” Like old Rose, on the deck of the ship above the Titantic, I remember the way it was, through the mist of time. But, unlike old Rose, I pray for the Chief’s return, so that future generations of Illini will know & love him, not as a mascot, but as a symbol of what a great university once was, & with the grace of the Great Spirit, will be again.

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