#20 Illini Fighting on in Las Vegas Invitational



By Paul M. Banks

It’s Feast Week! When there’s non-stop college basketball, so many games start at bizarre times. And not just because games are going on in obscure parts of the world in far away time zones. In order to accommodate the television coverage, some games start at…like this one starts at 8:30 pm. #20 Illinois vs. the Wofford Terriers in the second round of the Las Vegas Invitational. Hence the late start time, so ESPNU could televise this game. weber

Wofford is no push over, they won at Georgia, and lost by one possession to Pittsburgh.

Of course, I’m not sure Pitt is that good, and Georgia might just get kicked out of the SEC they are so bad so…..

The Illini will also get a late tip off in the 3rd round taking on Utah at 9:30 PM Friday. In game 4 on Saturday, Illinois will meet either Bradley or Oklahoma St. Here’s hoping it’s OSU only because I’M A MAN!!! I’M 40!. Ok I’m 32, but you get the idea. BTW, Illinois beat Presbyterian 94-48 in the opening round of this game.


Brando Paul comes in leading the Illini in scoring at 16.7 PPG, Mike Davis is second at 12 ppg, D.J. Richardson is 3rd at 11.3. So the Illini are getting a lot of scoring from their freshmen wings.  Tip off has begun. McCamey takes and misses the first shot.

Wofford comes out shooting 8-2, WU 17:30 left

DJ Richardson drains a 3, following a Mike Tisdale skyhook. 1st tv timeout ILL trail 10-9

Do they really need the screaming sound effect here? when they play the Indian war hymn. I get it it’s the “House of ‘Paign” in Champaign. but we don’t need the sadist sound effect.

Wofford is just owning the 3 pt line right now. They’re going to have to miss sometime. Weber is screaming at Demetri to move and at the whole team to “look inside”

BTW, McCamey just missed badly.


Tell me again why this team is ranked #20? when they’re down 8 to a mid-major 12 min in?

In the words of Zhane, “hey mr. DJ, all night…on and on and on”….he hit a three to cut the deficit to 3, but then what would you expect? Terriers hit a 3 again. Somebody guard that Cameron Rundles guy, and Junior Salters…and someone stop leaving Noah Dahlman alone too.

I know that Billy Cole and Bubba Chisholm are in fact white. I can see that with my own eyes, but I still don’t believe them. With names like that, I still think they are lying to me about being white.

For you that are new to TSB, you stopped by on a very historical day!!! Earlier in the day we shattered the monthly page views record!!! with 6 days left in the month. And we just broke the daily page views record….right about..NOW! with 3 hours left in the day nonetheless. THANK YOU TSB READERS! And NFL Mock Draft, and Jimmy Clausen as well. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Hey Mr. DJ all nihiiiight.. on and on and on. Richardson hits a big 3 to put Illinois up for the first time in game 33-32 with a 1:54 left in half.

Maybe DJ will go to the NBA some day, maybe I’ll win a Webby someday? It’s the holiday season, and it’s feast week, so anything can happen, right?


Yes, I think that is Mary Tyler Moore.

Demtri’s defense is actually better this year. no, really I mean it.  Still no excuse that they got out-rebounded so badly in the 1st half, from such a smaller team. NO EXCUSE Illini up 49-42 16:19 left in game. Lisa Salters is indeed tearing up Illinois.

49-47 Illinois, 15:50 left.

rebounding deficit is 29-15 now…ouch! neother team handling the ball very well. game tied at 50. 14 min left


Wait., I’ll give it an even more favorable adjective; D WILLESQUE! 58-50 Illinois 10 min left


DJ for 3 again. 70-57, 4:30 left Illini starting to pull away now. I don’t think they’ll win this game by 20, but they might finish winning by 15.

No matter what the box score ends up saying, Illini had a much harder fought victory than it seems. This team hung around a lot longer than anyone thought they would. And Illini are shooting 57%, if they had an off shooting night, this would have been trouble.

I’ll see you guys later after the presser. with quotes and final thoughts.

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  1. Paul Schmidt says

    If Wofford controls the tempo, that will be trouble.

  2. Paul Schmidt says

    need a not crying baby here to type. it isn’t easy to do this one handed. I have concerns thusfar….

  3. Paul Schmidt says

    Jeff Jordan first off the bench??

  4. Paul Schmidt says

    The play-by-play guys just said that “the kid with the famous father” is the first guy that the media wants to talk to when they come to town…Other than for his on-again, off-again bromance with the team, I’ve never wanted to talk to him — and I actually never have.

    PB, have you ever spoken to Jeff Jordan?

  5. JJ actually scored…maybe’s he devloping an offensive game now? yes, it is difficult to do this one-handed…I would imagine. If yours son wants to learn about defending the perimeter than he should not be watching this game

  6. Paul Schmidt says

    He’s concerned about his pacifier right now…

  7. Paul Schmidt says

    It’s not just the perimeter D right now…the offense looks a little bit lost and out of sync. This game worried me quite a bit, incidentally.

  8. BTW Paul, which Illinette is your favorite this year? Since there’s been a couple timeouts I’ve had a chance to check out this year’s crop. My two favorites from last year appear to be gone. therefore, my 3rd fav from last year takes over as my #1 seed. Which is the strawberry blonde/red-head that they ALWAYS showed on television last year whenever the camera went to the orange crush, yours?

    In case anyone cares, my favorite Ladycat has been there all 3 years I’ve covered NU sports. that would be the blonde white girl with the huge ghetto booty.

  9. I think both my fav Ladycat and favorite Illinette could do a better job limitng the Wofford 3 pt shooters, who are at 70% with 7 min left in half

  10. Paul Schmidt says

    Good call on the charge there. Illinois in trouble and Brandon Paul with two fouls…makes things a little scary…

  11. Paul Schmidt says

    There’s a blond that’s tall and slender that I reeeeeaaalllly like. I don’t remember her from last year.

  12. Paul Schmidt says

    “Billy Cole? He’s black as the ace of spades!”

    And why is Lisa Saulters playing guard for the Terriers??

  13. Paul Schmidt says

    Cames heating it up at the end of the first half! Now to amp up the defensive pressure…

  14. Why do bad things happen when I come down here to cover a game? the 38-33 debacle to Penn St. wait that’s not true, we also were at press row to see them hammer Michigan and Ohio st.

  15. Paul Schmidt says

    Hey, they’ve already outscored that Penn State game…I dno’t think that the basketball experience of that game will ever be topped. Or whatever the opposite of topped is. Bottomed?

  16. Paul Schmidt says

    Is that Mary Tyler Moore in that Webby picture?

  17. Paul Schmidt says

    OK. Better D on the perimeter, better shot selection this half. Please.

  18. how did they get beat up on the boards so badly? wofford only has two guys over 6-6. Tisdale STEP UP and CLEAN THE GLASS

  19. And that record that was broken from 1945 or whatever, the reocrd from the 38-33 game…I bet Loren Tate was actually there

  20. Paul Schmidt says

    The 6-6 guy is a bruiser. That’s the key to taking Tis out of things.

  21. Paul Schmidt says

    RE: Loren Tate — don’t you remember after the presser for that one we got the list of all the records that were broken, including the one you listed, and one of the other reporters asked, “Hey Loren, who was the leading scorer in that one? How good were your seats?”

  22. Paul Schmidt says

    Tis is just getting abused in the post.

  23. Paul Schmidt says

    Billy Cole! Shut your mouth!

  24. Paul Schmidt says


  25. Paul Schmidt says

    Boy, they are REALLY breaking out the good modern rock tonight…Busted out Them Crooked Vultures and they just played the new Muse song that sounds like it was cribbed from an 80’s song.


    Wait., I’ll give it an even more favorable adjective; D WILLESQUE!

  27. Paul Schmidt says

    Wofford is the fourth smallest school in D1….

  28. and located in spartanburg, s.c. they are picked to finish 2nd in the southern conference this year.

  29. Charley Davis says

    Based on the Terriers’ gritty play I think they could win the SoCon.

    It was nice to see that on the night when our mettle was tested that our best player was our point guard leader McCamey.

    Bill Cole was terrific, especially his pressure defense.

    The sooner our guards learn to look inside, the more dominant our victory margins will be. I’m still waiting for the season premiere of the Mike and Mike Show.

  30. Billy Cole….nice to see him contribute. I would agree Demetri was the best player on the court last night. i asked Weber about his defense, and he gave a great response about McCamey’s lack of it. funny stuff I’ll need to post that.

    He also said he got on Tisdale in practice, and how he’s been struggling.

    Davis has been ok, not great. but yes Tisdale has been absent

  31. Yeah Weber kept screaming LOOK INSIDE all night. he was also yelling “sidewinder” and “watch the diamond press” I’ll admit I don’t know what those last two things mean

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