Horse Racing Community’s Top Five Early Bets For 2020 Kentucky Derby



The Kentucky Derby is one of the wealthiest and most anticipated horse racing events in the United States. It is part of the legendary U.S. Triple Crown Series, followed by the Preakness Stakes and the final leg, which is the Belmont Stakes. It takes place every 1st week of May every year in the popular racing field of Churchill Downs, Kentucky.

Although many sports fans are looking forward to this grand horse racing event, this year was not a great season for the said horse racing tournament. It faced the most controversial issue of disqualifying the winner by the name of Maximum Security. His title was taken away from him a few minutes later after winning because of bumping at the pole incident. It makes way for his first runner-up Country House to take over the title.


The Kentucky Derby this year might face the biggest challenge since their existence, but the horse racing community is looking for a better bounce next year. Besides, the horse racing fans can still expect a long series of horse racing tournaments they can surely bet. TVG Horse Racing also offers on-going racing games before the anticipated 2020 Kentucky Derby.

While the “Run for the Roses” is still six months away, a lot of handicappers are already looking forward to it. Some of them believe that Kentucky Derby will showcase the grandest racing event next year as they learned their lesson this year. After all, a single issue does not change the legacy of this horse racing game.

As you go along and expect a more festive Kentucky Derby next year, the horse racing community has released their early bets for the 2020 Kentucky Derby to hype the event. They are few of the mightiest horse racers who will possibly grace in Churchill Downs. These horse racers had tallied impressive racing forms to qualify the upcoming events.


Let’s get to know each one of them.


Basin is probably one of the most famous early bets for the Kentucky Derby next year. According to some horse racing gurus, it’s too early to name horse racers who will run in Kentucky Derby 2020, but this horse racer has the highest probability of joining. Basin is trained by Jeffrey Byrnes.

For those who don’t know about Basin, this colt is already a Grade 1 Stakes titleholder and a Hopeful Stakes winner. According to his trainer, Basin looks fresher and in the best condition compared to his previous Kentucky competitors.

Dennis’ Moment

Dennis’ Moment is another prospective horse racer to run in the 2020 Kentucky Derby. He was one of those horse racers who took part in many seasons of the Kentucky Derby but wasn’t able to get much attention from the horse racing fans.

By the time he ran for the Breeder’s Cup this year, he had faced a major accident by stumbling, which leads him to lose. However, his victory in Grade 3 Iroquois Stakes gets him high confidence to race the Run for the Roses.

Gouverneur Morris

Gouverneur Morris is the second placer for this year’s Grade1 Breeder’s Futurity. He showed an impressive performance in Santa Anita Park, almost getting the first place.

A lot of sports critics were amazed by his performance and running techniques during the Breeder’s Cup. It is why he is one of the potential candidates for the 2020 Kentucky Derby.

Fort McHenry

Fort McHenry is a neophyte to graded stakes horse racing competitions. Take note that a lot of experience looking to bet for those racers who are pro and popular.

On the other hand, some risk-takers are also looking for a fresher entry that exudes real determination and skills. Fort McHenry is another candidate for next year’s Kentucky Derby, which tallies a winning spot in the Maiden Special Weight competition last November 2, 2019.


Three Technique

Three Technique is one of those horse racers who tallies an impressive racing form six months away from the Kentucky Derby.

He had gone to several horse racing shows, which allows him to clinch the winning spot both in MSW and AlwOC races. Although this colt never competed in stakes races, he is one of those entries to look forward to saddling for the Kentucky Derby next year.

While it’s too early to predict the horse racers who will run for the 2020 Kentucky Derby, the horse racing community cannot contain their excitement in looking forward to a colorful horse racing next year. The sports fans are also expecting a broader and high-paying betting games they can play.

It is the reason why the horse racing community has named some of their official bets for next year’s Run For The Roses. Some of them might not compete in big races, but their racing forms show how competitive they look and can go with other skilled racers. Make sure not to miss the next year’s edition of the Kentucky Derby.

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