Five Things to Think About When Betting on Horse Racing


By Sean McDiarmind

Horse race betting is lucrative, and if done right, it can make you lots of money. However, you need to understand that, there is more to horse race betting than just luck. There are steps you can take, and significantly improve your chances of winning. For context, here are 5 things to think about when horse race betting. 

  1.   Seriously consider using horse racing tips

Horse racings can be an amazing way to make money regularly and consistently. However, you need as much help as you can get, and one way to get it is through horse racing tips. There are sites dedicated to gathering horse racing tips, and they can help you get as much information as you can, about upcoming horse races. Making good use of such sites can significantly improve your odds of winning. To give you an edge, here is a list of some of the best horse racing tips sites.

  1.   The course

Horses perform differently depending on the course. For instance, there is a horse that might perform exceptionally well in flat races, but fail in jump racing. To increase your chances of winning, it is best to understand the course that the horse you are playing will be using, and capitalize on it. By always thinking about the course that your favorite horse will be using, you can significantly improve your odds of winning in horse race betting.

  1.   The trainer

Horse trainers have an impact on the performance of a horse. When the horse trainer is at the top of their game, the horse also performs well. As such, before you place a bet, take time to study the trainer’s work pattern just before the race. If the trainer has not fully concentrated on the horse due to issues of any nature, it would be best to avoid betting on their horse. Betting on it would mean taking on too much unnecessary risk.

  1.   The race distance

Courses come in different running distances. They also include things like whether the finish is a flat one, or an uphill finish. By getting the right statistics on the distances that a particular horse performs best, you can have a rough idea on when to bet on or against it. This is research that can help save you money, and also multiply it by a huge margin. If you are truly into horse racing, research on issues such as distances shouldn’t be hard.

  1.   The horse drawing

In a horse race, it’s not just the horse’s abilities that matter. Sometimes even the way its drawn matters. In tracks that have a bend just after the start, horses on the inner tracks have an advantage. That’s because, those on the outer tracks have to travel a longer distance. This is the knowledge that can give you an edge when horse race betting.

If you give all the above issues serious thought, you are likely to have better results in horse betting. It can turn out to be a very lucrative venture.


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