Blackhawks fan Jim Belushi is the reason terrorists hate us (video)



The continuing relevance of Jim Belushi is the reason that people suck. More specifically, the fact that we pay attention to Jim Belushi despite the fact the he never accomplished anything is the real reason the human race truly sucks. The fact that Jim Belushi was trending on Twitter for no reason other than he showed up for a hockey game is frightening.

During the Stanley Cup Final, at the Chicago Blackhawks moment of triumph, Jim Belushi wormed his way onto the scene.  Jim Belushi put himself into the spotlight once again, again without having accomplished anything.

By acknowledging Belushi, America gave Ayman Al Zawahiri, Al Qaeda, and company a reason to hate us even more. We cared about Jim Belushi. He was trending on Twitter.

We can’t say “star Jim Belushi” because he’s not that important. We can’t say “comedian Jim Belushi” because he’s not funny. “Actor” doesn’t work either because he can’t act. Some tweets from Belushi’s appearance in the Western Conference Finals versus the LA Kings.





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  1. JustMeAain says

    And you “write” a column that no one reads while taking screen shots of Tweets from fellow losers. You’re setting the world on fire. Slow down there!

    It’s a child’s game, dude. Take it easy. It doesn’t matter in the bigger scheme of things.

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