Blackhawks need to jettison Dan Carcillo


Dan Carcillo

Dan Carcillo was playing so well by his standards. Then Dan Carcillo Dan-Carcillo’d all over himself.

This may come as surprising news to you, but ‘Carbomb’ has more than worn out his welcome. His latest antics cost him six games. For some reason, the left winger decided cross-checking a defenseless Mathieu Perreault was necessary. The Winnipeg Jet suffered an upper body injury because of the check.

Perreault will get the last laugh. He rejoined the Jets January 27 for their first game after the All-Star break, and Carcillo is out until February 2. That day is the end of his suspension, but his tumultuous tenure with the Chicago Blackhawks should also end.

Carcillo is known more for his poor decision making than his abilities to score and defend. Statistically, he has scored a season-high 23 points twice and has never scored more than 13 goals in a season. His role from his first season in the league was to be more of a role player, but it never hurts to look at his basic numbers.

#FancyStats tell a tale of a player that has been given a fair chance to produce points and defend and has failed to do both. Dan Carcillo has a negative Corsi per 60 (C/60) and Fenwick per 60 (F/60) at even strength for his career. Those numbers are -2.1 C/60 and -0.3 F/60.

As icing on the cake, Dan Carcillo has seen 49.5% of his zone starts at even strength in the offensive zone. Smart thinking also says that if Carcillo is starting in the opponent’s end of the ice, he is seeing similar or easier competition as a role player.

There is no need for wasted talent to continue to take up roster spots in the NHL. The New Jersey Devils waived noted jerk Tom Sestito January 26. He cleared waivers the next day leaving his future as an NHL player in doubt. Good.

Dan Carcillo should be next to go. If a player willingly uses illegal hits to make a living and considers them ‘hockey plays,’ give ‘em the boot.

Jen LC is the Queen of advanced statistics. She did a little math for her Twitter followers and kindly lent it dramatic effect. The following should seal any argument for Dan Carcillo.

Jen LC tweet


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