6 Simple Tips Athletes Can Use To Improve Their Vertical Jump


For every athlete, improving their vertical jump is of the utmost importance. It not only affects their posture but also improves their game. Whether it’s basketball, volleyball, or any other sport that demands an athlete to jump high, your posture, balance, and vertical leap will determine the chances of winning. 

Here are some of the simplest tips that can be used by athletes to improve their vertical jump. 

  • Practice Bulgarian Split Squats 

This exercise is one of the best forms of resistance training and drastically improves every athlete’s strength. It primarily focuses on your leg strength and provides immense power. When taking a vertical leap, keeping proper balance is crucial, which can be improved by performing this exercise on a regular basis. You need a bench or a sturdy chair to perform this exercise. Stand a couple of inches away and extend your non-working leg. Place it on the bench and such that the top of the foot faces upwards. Stand in an erect position and pick a dumbbell in each hand. Press your leg down such that the back of your knee almost touches the floor. Exert force using the working heel to stand back up in the original position. Repeat three times and incorporate 5 to 8 reps in each training session. 

  • Sign Up for a Vertical Leap Program  

Special vertical leap programs are designed for athletes and trainers who wish to improve their posture and jump. The training experts at https://www.supporthesport.com/ suggest looking into highly-reviewed vertical jump programs to train under professional athletes as it helps achieve quick results. Such programs also focus on enhancing flexibility and getting fitter. 

  • Incorporate Death Jumps 

Another effective part of resistance training, death jumps improve your reflex and reaction time. This exercise is performed using a box and trains your lower body muscles to explode in the air. Use a box that is at least 6 inches higher than the ground and place it on an even surface. Once you are standing on the box in an erect position, step off it and immediately jump to project your body into the air. Keep your muscles engaged during this action. As you land, place your feet softly on the ground to control your jump. After a second, repeat the same movement. Perform 3 reps of 3 sets each. 

  • Build Muscle Memory 

As you keep building your muscle memory, you are training your lower body to propel higher, which, in turn, improves your vertical jump. Muscle memory is defined as your body’s ability to perform a particular function without thinking consciously. In this case, developing your muscle memory will enhance your body’s ability to jump higher and incorporate movements related to jumping mechanics. Some effective workout sets to build muscle memory for vertical jump include full-body workout, lower body exercises, and plyometric jump exercises. While exercising and hitting the gym will expand and strengthen your muscles, you should train them to recognize moments that need specific jumping movements. 

  • Master the Technique of High Jumping

By mastering the right technique to jump, you can improve your vertical leap and enhance your shooting abilities. This is also directly related to your body form. Imagine the movement of a coiled spring; the more you push it, the higher it will jump when you let go. When you push your body down to get into a jumping form, focus on your core, arms, and overall body posture to master the art of jumping high. When preparing for the jump, your core should be tight and your arms should be positioned at the back. At the same time, training your muscles is important as they are fully engaged when jumping high. Repeat the technique until you master it. Developing your muscle memory also helps improve your jumping posture. 

  • Focus on Improving Flexibility

Despite being more flexible than older athletes, the younger players barely take advantage of this ‘superpower’. Even if you are not flexible, you can improve this trait by performing stretching exercises on a regular basis. The more flexible you are, the higher you can jump. Incorporate stretching into your daily workout regime. Stretch before, after, and during your workout and training session. Stretching is also known for its ability to keep you fit. Take at least 15 to 20 minutes every day to focus on stretching exercises. With this practice, you can improve the change of direction, speed, posture, and quickness. All these aspects collectively enhance your vertical leap.  

These tips will help improve your vertical jump and prepare you for your big game. At times, visualization techniques and meditation can also drastically improve your vertical leap. If you train your mind to focus on achieving positive results, you will definitely get closer to your goals. By focusing on every aspect of your body, you can improve your vertical leap, excel at your game, and achieve success as an athlete.

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