Jose Mourinho Says Spurs Have a Clean Bill of Health


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When last we left football, in mid-March, Tottenham Hotspur were suffering through some struggles, largely due to a rash of major injuries. Now, with the extended time off, Tottenham have a healthy squad again, according to their manager Jose Mourinho.

It doesn’t mean that everybody is totally match fit right now, as there is a massive difference between being match fit and having recovered from injury. Still this is an exciting development, for any Spurs supporter, from training camp.

Harry Kane, Son Heung-min, Steven Bergwijn and Moussa Sissoko are all back in training now. Coincidentally, today is the day that the Premier League voted unanimously to resume contact in training exercises.

“I cannot say in this moment they are ready to play because one thing is to recover from an injury, and another is to be ready to play football,” Mourinho said.

“In Harry’s case, I think for about five months he hasn’t played, but all of them are not injured any more. They are training, and training is what it is at the moment, training has a lot of limitations. We cannot compete, we cannot do one versus one, we have to keep a certain distance, we cannot compete.”

“Harry Kane, Son, Bergwijn, Sissoko, all of them are fine. I think with a couple of weeks of normal training, when the authorities tell us we can train normally I think in a couple of weeks, the boys will be ready to play, of course not in the maximum of their potential, I think nobody can do that in this moment.”

“For us, of course, it is a great feeling, because we finished the period with that defeat at Leipzig, where we were really, really in trouble to have 11 players, including attacking players, and in this moment (Erik) Lamela, Son, Dele (Alli), Harry Kane, Bergwijn, everybody is fit now.”

Mourinho will likely see his side, if all goes right, possibly resume action on June 19.

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