Father of Christian Pulisic Ignites Transfer Talk with Bold Tweet


It’s going to be another silly season soon, as the actual competitive season winds down, and the transfer window fires up. And you know what that means- overanalyzing the social media behavior of the players, and even the players’ family members. And the father of Christian Pulisic has lit up a powder keg of transfer speculation now, having made the following tweet, and then soon deleting it yesterday:

Say what you will about social media, as there really is no such thing as a true “social media expert,” but deleting a tweet usually has the opposite effect of what the author intended. The Tweeter realized they shouldn’t have actually publicly said what they did, and well, the deletion calls more attention to it. There is no takesies backsies on the internet as somebody, somewhere, has already screenshotted it.

When Mark Pulisic said there are a big six months (the time between now and the start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar) ahead, it’s obviously a reference to the approaching summer transfer window. Christian Pulisic was a late substitute in Chelsea’s shock loss to Everton yesterday, and once again, his minutes have been on the decline.

Captain America has had an up and down 2021-22 season, as his playing time has truly ebbed and flowed. We’ve also seen him spend a lot of this term playing out of position, often in a wing back role. While Pulisic has scored some big time clutch goals for the Blues this campaign, overall its been kind of a step backwards for the Hershey, Pennsylvania native.

His contract expires in 2024, but if Chelsea are going to get a good return on his sale, they should most likely do it this summer. And with the uncertain status on who the next owner will be, we can expect plenty of roster changes to occur this summer.

But where would Pulisic go?


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