Neville: United Getting Alexis Sanchez would be on par with Eric Cantona Signing



Manchester United club legend Phil Neville says that landing Alexis Sanchez would be “absolutely unbelievable” and “a coup” for his former club. Neville even evoked “The King” Eric Cantona in articulating his excitement about the idea of signing Alexis from Arsenal. There have been multiple reports indicating that United have made a £25 million bid for Sanchez, out-bidding Manchester City by £5, and potentially hi-jacking their deal.

United have also reportedly offered flop Henrikh Mkhitaryan as part of a deal. If this transfer deal can get closed by the end of the January window, Sanchez would provide a massive upgrade to the area of the pitch where United needs an upgrade the most.

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Neville did a Facebook Live for Sky Sports, and during the chat he said: “I think it would be an absolutely unbelievable signing.”

The member of the famed Class of ’92 continued:

“If you look back at Man Utd’s big signings over the decades, Cantona came out of the hat, Van Persie was a surprise, and they both helped United win titles.”

“I think this could have a similar impact. He’s got the character to play at Old Trafford.It would be a coup, particularly for United fans, to have a player like Sanchez potentially come to them over City. It would be a strong statement.”

“It’s pretty obvious he’s not going to stay at Arsenal.

“I think if United were going to buy him, £25 million would be an absolute snip.”


Neville is spot on, especially so about in his remark about the price tag. In this insanely over-priced transfer market, £25 million for an elite defender is a steal, let alone a big name forward. What an amazing signing this would truly be.

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  1. Neville: United Getting Alexis Sanchez would be on par with Eric Cantona Signing. No it would not. The same was said of Ibrahimovic when he arrived and look where that ended. Sanchez would not have the impact of Cantona and most likely no one ever will. United need a dedicated manager fighting for United not himself and a team of vibrant youthful players with pedigree to combine with the few there to take United forward, not pensioners.

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