Jose Mourinho Vents Frustration with Inability to Kill off Games


Tottenham could not hold on to their lead against their London rivals Fulham as Wednesday night’s match ended 1-1. The hosts did not put the game to bed and that came back to cost them two points, which frustrated Spurs manager Jose Mourinho, per the Daily Mail.

Spurs looked like they were heading for another win when Harry Kane gave them the lead. But despite having many chances to build on that, the North Londoners were unable to do so and eventually conceded the equaliser.

Mourinho said that the reason for the dropped points was a combination of them not taking their chances and individual mistakes. Though Fulham’s Alphonse Areola produced an outstanding display in goal, they should have at least converted one of their chances.

Spurs have to be disappointed with the way they conceded the goal and the impact it has on their Premier League title challenge.

When the boss was asked for the reason behind the draw, he told the Daily Mail:

“Three or four big chances in the first half to have a different result and the biggest chance of the second half to kill the game and go 2-0, but again we conceded a goal that is completely avoidable.

“I have to admit in the second half that they played more and they tried, they had to, but again we didn’t kill the game. It is costing points and many times it happens in the last part of the game.

“There are things that are individual – individual qualities and individual mistakes. Basically, I can not say much more than that.”

As a result, Spurs find themselves in sixth place and are now six points behind the league leaders. They need to look at games such as this and identify the reasons why they failed to put the game to bed.

They had a couple great runs of form earlier this season, so we can expect them to bounce back. Spurs will next be away to Sheffield United and that is a game that they will surely be expected to win.

Despite only getting a point, there were a lot of positives to be taken from Wednesday night for Tottenham. Their attacking play was once again easy on the eyes and effective in breaking down the Fulham defence.

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It was only the final touch that was missing, but hopefully that will come soon enough. Spurs have two of the best attackers in the league and they will be looking to score more next time round.

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