New Manchester City 3rd Kit Gets Ridiculed on Social Media


Before delving into the new Manchester City third kit, and all that people find wrong about it, we do need to reiterate something.

Whenever it comes to shirt reveals, it’s the detractors who are always in greater numbers and much louder than those who approve. And with the new city alternate strip, which strongly resembles a t-shirt, much more so than a football jersey, the critics are certainly out in full force.

Let’s take a look at them!

Yikes! Puma really took a big swing here and they definitely whiffed. Now let’s take a look at some of the reactions this horrific design has inspired.

It is not just randos and people with default avatars trashing this strip, even the “blue check brigade” (verified accounts) are ripping it to shreds.

See above and below:

Media outlets are deriding it, some overtly, some with subtlety. You got to love the euphemisms being employed by ESPN FC and Sky Sports here.

“Interesting”? Technically yes.

“Different” well, it is that, sure.  It’s the classy way to say that this shirt is garbage.

Now this dig below is especially funny and creative:

This guy is definitely not wrong; about either shirt:

Didn’t get enough of people slamming this horrific offering? Well this website has collected and posted more examples of just how much people hate this shirt.

You can follow the link below to see more people who think and feel like you do about it:

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