Six Weight Loss Side Effects You May Not Be Expecting


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There are so many reasons why some of us choose to go on a weightloss journey. However, like when we take a physical trip, we don’t always exactly know what will await us at our destination’s end. In fact, there are quite a few things that can occur as a result of weight loss that you may not be expecting. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Your cancer risk is reduced. 

In a 2012 study on postmenopausal women, researchers found that losing just 5% of their total body weight can help reduce the risk of many cancers.

The process whereby this happens is thought to be that a reduction in body weight can help lower the levels of inflammation in the cells in the body. The significance of this is that higher levels of cell inflammation are linked to the occurrence of some cancers.  

Your gym sessions will get easier. 

The less that your body has to carry, the less exertion it has to put in to move it. Of course, this can have a massive effect when it comes to exercise because it means you can go faster, go longer, and do more on the same amount of energy it took you to complete when your right was heavier. Something that means you can quickly improve your physical performance and also your enjoyment of exercise. A well-known example of this being how runners can improve their performance by losing weight. With 1lbs being equal to a reduction of two seconds on every mile.  

That’s not all either as the strain on your joints and muscles will be less, so that means your risk of injury will lower as well. Something that should keep you in tip-top condition and so ensure you get to work out on the regular. 

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Your fertility can improve. 

What many women don’t realise is that by slimming down, they can also boost their chances of being able to conceive and carry a baby—all without the use of fertility drugs. In fact, a 2009 study showed that there was a definite link between obesity in women and infertility. 

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You may need new glasses. 

For many of us, the allure of a whole new wardrobe of clothes is one of the critical motivators on our weight loss journey. However, something very few people think about is that once they have lost weight, they may also need new glasses. 

It does make sense, however, because your dimensions are likely to change all over your body, including your face. Some people also find that their shoe size reduces as well if they lose a significant amount of weight. 

Happily, getting new glasses is incredibly easy as you can find opticians online that can help you. When looking for an online optician, be sure to find the one that has not only the biggest selection of frames but also some advice on what frame style will suit your face shape. Something else that may alter after losing a significant amount of weight.  

You may be able to come off your meds.

It is by no means a given. However, many people do find their need for medications significantly reduced once the pounds have been shed. 

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The reason for this being overweight can contribute and aggravate a range of conditions from diabetes to heartburn. For example, by losing weight and switching to a more nutritionally balanced diet, you may be able to control your heartburn symptoms without the need for over the counter or prescription meds. 

Additionally, with diseases like diabetes type 2, a lower weight can help improve the regulation of sugar in your system. Something that may mean you can swap from injections to pill form mediation. However, you must always consult with your doctor before making any changes. 

You can sleep better. 

Lastly, another thing that can happen as a result of losing weight is that you get a better night’s sleep. The reason for this is because by lowering your weight, the issue of sleep apnea caused by obstruction becomes less of a problem. Something that at best can cause you to wake several times during the night, and at worst can be fatal. 

Additionally, getting a better quality of rest at night can further contribute to keeping your weight at a stable. The reason for this is that the better you sleep, the easier it is for your muscles to repair. With a higher muscle ratio being linked to more efficient fat burning during exercise and at rest. 


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  1. I got stuck on stress and got type 2 diabetes. Therefore, my psychiatrist advised me to do stress breathing exercises to reduce stress and start losing weight! So far it helps, I have lost 6 kg.

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