Letting The Winter Olympics Inspire You Big Time


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By Joseph Plunkett

Every four years, the football news gets overshadowed by the Winter Olympics and a new generation gets to gawp at their television sets, the hairs standing up on the back of their necks as they get inspired by all things snow and ice, and that’s exactly what the athletes in PyeongChang are doing right now. They are inspiring people to get up and try their hand at new sports – you even had Mr T tweeting about the curling.

Bobsleigh, skeleton, luge, slopestyle, biathlon, figure skating, ice hockey; they are all getting a voice and the chance to blow minds all around the world. Of course, not all winter sports are accessible as others, which is why so many people go from watching the Winter Olympics to dreaming about skiing.

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So, without further ado, here is how you can take the inspiration and run with it all the way to the mountains:

  1. Get The Gear, Get The Idea

We know that people will always tell you to rent skis the first time around, and they may be right. But at this time of the year, you can grab yourself a real bargain, as the sale of Stockli skis proves and, if skiing doesn’t turn out to be your thing, well you can always sell them on. Just remember, it isn’t just skis you need to get your hands on though. There’s boots, socks, ski wear, thermals, helmets, goggles, gloves and all of that. So, if you aren’t about the risk, or don’t have the budget to buy, then by all means rent.

  1. Pick The Perfect Resort

Not all ski resorts were born equal, so what you want to do is find one that caters for the beginner or, if you are going with experienced skiers, then somewhere that caters for everyone. In Europe, the best place to go is without a doubt Morzine Avoriaz, which is part of the second largest ski resort out that way and has plenty of non-skiing activities too. In America, we would recommend somewhere like Vail, Colorado. It’s big, it’s forgiving and it’s fun.

  1. Go With A Catered Package

Cost is a huge part of booking a ski holiday but, if you can afford to, then we would recommend you stay away from going self-catered on your first trip. Trust us, ski resorts can be pretty baffling and overwhelming places for first-timers. So, to help learn the ropes, get a catered chalet.

  1. Proper Lessons Only

If you are going with friends and family that have skied before, then it can be tempting to say, “yeah, sure, I’d love you to teach me.” But don’t. The pressure just becomes too much. They’ll get bored of teaching you, you’ll get frustrated by how long it can take to get the hang of and basically you’ll wish you went with a proper instructor from the get-go.

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