Best Sports Documentaries to Watch in 2021


When it comes to watching some of the best sports documentaries on your favorite devices, you have options galore. Luckily, you can access Kayo Sports, HBO Max, and even Netflix to watch popular sports documentaries as indicated by (an Australian streaming website), without any issue. 

For instance, you can watch 10 Years On, Being Serena, November 16, Tyson, and Pelé on these famous streaming services on a wide range of devices. 

If you want to know about some of the best sports documentaries you can stream on Kayo Sports, continue reading this post.

10 Years On (Available on Kayo Sports)

If you are a fan of prominent Australian cricketers like Andrew Symonds, Adam Gilchrist, and others, you must watch this amazing documentary. As a result, you can find out the reasons associated with the horrible Monkeygate scandal in detail.  

Unfortunately, this scandal took place during the test match series played between Australian and India in 2007. Surprisingly, this documentary also helps you to witness the interview of express fast bowler of his time Brett Lee on your screens. 

Being Serena (Available on Kayo Sports)

Being Serena is a treat for all Serena Williams fans. Through this documentary, you will realize that the road of success for the leading American sports celebrity was not so easy. 

Apart from this, Being Serena unveils the personal and professional lives of Serena Williams in numerous areas like family, entrepreneurship, etc. If you wish to know about the real-life hardships of a famous sports legend Serena Williams, you should watch this epic documentary. 

November 16 (Available on Kayo Sports)

November 16 is another popular sports documentary of all time. If you want to watch this documentary on your favorite devices, you will have to turn to Kayo Sports. 

This documentary explains the significance of an important event that completely transformed the complexion of Australian Football for all the right reasons. 

In reality, November 16 was a day when Australian defeated Uruguay by a big margin to qualify for the Football World Cup for the first time. In this documentary, you will watch interviews of all the leading players and support staff that witnessed one of the most remarkable days in their careers through their own eyes.      

Tyson (Available on HBO Max)

Tyson is a biopic documentary film that explores the spectacular career of an American boxer Mike Tyson. Apart from this, the documentary has also highlighted the personal life of Mike Tyson, infamous due to various reasons. 

In case you want to become a successful boxer in the future, you should watch Tyson to discover how you can manage success and fame both at the same time without damaging your reputation.    

If you have an official HBO Max account then you can watch this documentary on multiple devices.

Student Athlete (Available on HBO Max)

Student Athlete is another impressive documentary film that unveils the ugly side of the NCAA (National College Athletic Association) in a delicate manner. 

In reality, playing in a famous Football league for college students is an extremely difficult task for college students. This is because they have to abide by the strict rules of the NCAA completely. Otherwise, they cannot play the popular sports league. 

Tapia (Available on HBO Max)

Tapia is another biopic documentary film like Tyson that portrays the real-life hardships of a famous boxer of his time, Johnny Tapia. Furthermore, this documentary also shows the tragic killing of his father and mother. If you are a fan of Johnny Tapia, you should watch this documentary.  

Pelé (Available on Netflix)

Pelé is an eye-catching documentary movie that showcases the extraordinary talent and breathtaking skills of a Brazilian legend footballer, Edson Arantes do Nascimento famously known as Pelé. 

It would not be wrong to say that Pelé did try his level best to change the dynamics of Football a great deal. 

In order to watch this documentary, you will rely on your official Netflix account. 

Wrapping Things Up

Summing up, watching your favorite sports documentaries on Kayo Sports, HBO Max, and Netflix is not a difficult task. This is because these popular streaming services allow you to stream some of the most popular documentaries on multiple devices hassle-free. 

Luckily, you can watch documentaries on desktops, laptops, mobile devices, smart TVs, Apple TV, Roku, and other devices depending on your choice while residing in Australia instantly. 

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