An Ohio Mascot Strikes Again! Cincy Bearcat Gets Combative, Arrested (Video)



What the hell is going on with mascots in the state of Ohio? Especially those named “B___cat.” Remarkable coincidence, back in week three of the college football season, Brutus, Ohio State Buckeyes’ mascot was viciously attacked by the Ohio Bobcat mascot.

It was a classic moment, and now the University of Cincinnati mascot has been arrested for snowing snowballs at fans during the Cincinnati’s blowout at the hands of Pittsburgh. The Bearcat got removed from the game by security, much like the Bobcat mascot.

Except he allegedly resisted his dismissal, and was therefore arrested. Judging by what happened last time, this is soon to be a media sensation.

Hey guys, whatever happened to just making the crowd life and arousing school spirit? What you’re doing is assault, brother!

And because we live in the matrix now, everything you do in public is being recorded all the time, and if you do something stupid it will get posted on the internet and make the rounds.

Sorry Charlie (or whatever your name is), but your Bearcat got taken off when Cincy’s finest took you away, meaning your identity is now revealed for public consumption. But you got to love the Scooby Doo style ending, right?

In this video below, you’ll overview some babe say “you shouldn’t be taping this, it’s not funny.”

Well, you’re half-right. Yes, he should actually be taping this, but you’re right, it’s not funny. It’s actually REALLY funny.

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