NFL: Television is better than ‘Live’ Action

NFL Tickets

There is nothing better than attending a pro sporting event, right? Some are for it, but I have a feeling most are against it. Truth is, I would rather sit at home and watch football games than attend them in person. People who have season tickets are crazy.

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2012 Fantasy Football Preview: D/ST

Football fans, you’re Christmas is right around the corner. Preseason games have already started and the regular season is right around the corner. Nearly as important, the fantasy football season is finally here! In the coming weeks, we will prepare you ready for the upcoming fantasy season by breaking every position. First up, we’ll rank the top the top defense & special team units.

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2012 NFL Draft – Top QB & RB


1. Andrew Luck, Stanford (6-4, 234): There’s not much to say about Luck that hasn’t been said. He’s the best quarterback prospect since the man he will be replacing in Indianapolis. [Read more…]

2012 NFL Draft – Top Pass Catchers

Wide Receivers

1. Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State (6-1, 207): Blackmon is an extremely strong player who is aggressive at when the ball is in the air. [Read more…]

Massive Brawl Ends Xavier-Cincinnati Game Early (Video)


This isn’t going to help the reputation of Cincinnati Bearcats players; the troubled Yancy Gates specifically. Today’s incident isn’t indicative of how players on the 8th ranked team in college basketball (Xavier Musketeers) should act, and I doubt Tu Holloway‘s NBA Draft stock will be helped by this.

Cincinnati vs. Xavier is always a bitter rivalry; but today it didn’t just cross the line; it nuked it.

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Fantasy Football Studs, Duds & Sleepers: AFC North

With the NFL lockout finally behind us, football fans can finally turn our attention from the courtrooms and onto the field, where it belongs. In the coming weeks, I will rank the fantasy studs, duds and sleepers for each division. Today, the AFC North gets some time under the microscope.

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New Illini Athletic Director: Former Cincinnati Bearcats A.D. Mike Thomas

The new athletic director of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was named today: Mike Thomas, athletic director at the University of Cincinnati since 2005.

Thomas led a successful Bearcats athletic program since he took the helm, winning five Big East team titles, an NCAA individual championship and producing 12 All-Americans in a wide range of sports and earning multiple Big East academic excellence awards.

Thomas said he is honored to be entrusted with a Big Ten athletics program with as much history and potential as Illini athletics.

“Intercollegiate athletics are a critical element of the campus community, and I understand the importance of student-athletes excelling in both the playing arena and the classroom,” Thomas said. “The U of I has the essential pieces—facilities, staff, athletes, alumni and fans—for continued excellence and success, and I’m deeply honored and excited to be able to lead the Fighting Illini.”

Thomas, a 26-year veteran of college athletics administration, is credited with boosting the Bearcat athletic program to national prominence in men’s and women’s sports during his six years as athletic director.

Cincinnati’s football program won back-to-back Big East titles in 2008 and 2009 – the first in school history – and finished 12-0 in 2009, winning the Sugar Bowl and placing third in the final BCS rankings.

Thomas also led a resurgence of the Bearcat men’s basketball program, which is the only Division I team to improve its win total over each of the last five seasons. The Bearcats finished 26-9 in 2010-11, returning to the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2004-05.


College Football 77 in 77: #58 Cincinnati Bearcats


Well, I guess we know now how much Brian Kelly meant to the Cincinnati Bearcats. With Kelly’s move to Notre Dame, the Bearcats suffered. BTW, wtf is a Bearcat? Is it a bear or a cat? Or some type of creature engineered by the genetic splicing of that creepy old DNA scientist on “South Park?”

One thing Cincinnati has going for them is Shaq! Yes, Shaq Daddy, Shaq Diesel, Shaq Fu: Da Return, the Shaqtus. Because they have a freshman receiver named Shaq Washington ready to contribute to what should be a very explosive receiving corps.

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An Ohio Mascot Strikes Again! Cincy Bearcat Gets Combative, Arrested (Video)


What the hell is going on with mascots in the state of Ohio? Especially those named “B___cat.” Remarkable coincidence, back in week three of the college football season, Brutus, Ohio State Buckeyes’ mascot was viciously attacked by the Ohio Bobcat mascot.

It was a classic moment, and now the University of Cincinnati mascot has been arrested for snowing snowballs at fans during the Cincinnati’s blowout at the hands of Pittsburgh. The Bearcat got removed from the game by security, much like the Bobcat mascot.

Except he allegedly resisted his dismissal, and was therefore arrested. Judging by what happened last time, this is soon to be a media sensation.

Hey guys, whatever happened to just making the crowd life and arousing school spirit? What you’re doing is assault, brother!

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Source: Ken Griffey Jr. will RETIRE

griffey jr.

Look for an official and more in-depth announcement/story later, but word has gotten out- Seattle Mariners and Cincinnati Reds legend Ken Griffey Jr. one of the biggest MLB stars of this generation…

By Paul M. Banks

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The Big East Tournament Live Chat

The Big East Tournament is in full swing, so why don’t you join one college basketball obsessed dork and another guy who just likes to be a nerd talk about the games as they happen LIVE?!

Peter Christian and David Kay will be updating all day, and we’ll be expecting some extremely fun drop ins through out the day.

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Illini Don’t Embarrass Selves, Program or School Against Cincinnati


By Paul Schmidt

No one expected the Illini to win, let’s be perfectly honest.

But, as 18.5-point underdogs, most expected the Illini to get run right out of Nippert Stadium by the number-5 ranked Cincinnati Bearcats.

And while the final score, 49-36, certainly indicates problems, there a couple of things that come out of the game that really reflected well on the Illini.

First of all, the offense finally looked potent, and did so against a team that still has national title hopes and dreams.

This isn’t a groundbreaking occurrence. The biggest knock against the Bearcats this season is that their defense isn’t exactly national-title-caliber. The flip side to that argument is obviously that when you do any one thing as well as the Bearcats do on offense, how good does the defense have to be?

That being said, Cincinnati still was only allowing 20 points per game — a tally the Illini blew by in scoring 36. Obviously the Illini production raises all sorts of questions about where this was all season, but for now, quite simply, revel in the production.

Juice Williams was inaccurate all game long, but still threw for 288 yards with a 60 percent completion percentage, plus 3 TDs. He also rushed for 67 more yards, and crossed the 10,000 yard mark for total offense in his career (becoming just the 6th player in Big Ten history to reach that mark).

Clearly it’s not a great Cincinnati defense, but the Illinois offense was good enough to keep them in the game.

The second thing is that the Illini never quit in a game that meant nothing to their season.

This is probably the more impressive thing, because after taking a 7-0 lead in the first quarter, the Bearcats ran off 28 unanswered points to take control of the game.

The Illini, however, were undaunted, and kept the game right around the two score mark for the rest of the game.

It bodes well for the team and for Ron Zook’s job that they were able to stay focused and invested in the result of the game.  Zook’s problem this entire season has been with keeping the team focused and motivated — today, whatever he did and said to his team worked.  I’m a firm believer in giving credit when credit is due.

And yes, it certainly is an issue that the Illini spent the whole season looking disinterested in football in general, and only now, now that they are eliminated from any Bowl contention, do the seem interested in playing for their pride and for the programs’.

But you have to take your victories as they come. At least the Illini looked like they cared.