Tigers Leading ALDS, Lions and Wolverines 9-0: Pure Michigan



Bloomberg News reported that the success of Detroit sports would inject another $140 million into the economy. As the Detroit Red Wings get started, the motor city’s most famous and successful sports brand complements the Lions winning ways (4-0, one of just two undefeated teams left in the NFL), the Detroit Tigers winning the AL Central and leading the New York Yankees in the ALDS 2-1.

And then you have the #11 Michigan Wolverines who are 5-0 and just down the road in Ann Arbor. Sure the Pistons are still a complete train wreck, but the NBA is on lockout, so we won’t really see that.


And yes, $140 million seems like a lot of money to you and me, but it’s just a drop in the bucket compared to the economic holocaust that has occurred in Detroit. No amount of sports titles will ever generate enough economic impact to reverse the financial and commercial hellscape that is Motown.  But it’s a step in the right direction. And with the Red Wings starting their regular season next week, the city’s most traditional sports power and recognizable franchise should add to the excited, rejuvenated atmosphere.

And it’s not just going in all the mile roads lower than 8. Pure Michigan sports excellence extends beyond the 810. The Michigan State Spartans are ranked #20 in college football, and take a look at “Directional Michigan.” The triumvirate of Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan and Central Michigan are usually collectively the pathetic joke of college football. Quite often producing double digit loss seasons individually. But today they are combined 8-7! Yes a winning record for Directional Michigan. Western is the best of the three teams led by Jordan White, second in the nation in receiving yards. Yes, there’s something in the water right now; and the state of Great Lakes Splendor is a peninsula surrounded by it.

western michigan cheerleaders

The Lions are the big surprise, as they’ve turned around an entire decade of futility. When the Chicago Bears visit Ford Field on Sunday, they won’t have their usual home field advantage style fan out-numbering. This year more Lions fans are coming.

In the short-term, the Tigers take precedence as their games are obviously more do-or-die. The only state that’s doing better right now is Wisconsin. Just across Lake Michigan, America’s Dairyland is seeing the #5 Badgers at 5-0, the reigning Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers as the NFL’s other undefeated team, and the Milwaukee Brewers winning their NLDS series.  (We’ll have more on this later)

So it’s all about the upper midwest right now, huh? Well, have you seen Minnesota’s teams records? Not to mention things in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio are just as miserable as usual.

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