Spartans’ Jerel Worthy has Bad Ass Anti-Michigan Wolverines Tattoo


Michigan State DT Jerel Worthy’s NFL Draft stock is about as high as anyone in the Spartans, or even anyone in the Big Ten. He also has a tattoo that entails everything that makes college football such an awesome game. Take a closer look and notice the tattoo’s homage to the rivalry with Michigan. What an affront it is to the Wolverines, love it!

It’s like he took the tattoo of Delvon Roe, from the college basketball Spartans, and turned it up a notch. Roe has the 1970s cartoonish Spartan logo etched in skin at a similar spot. But this takes the Spartan icon into a more fearsome and aggressive level. Even if the downed wolverine looking animal is wearing a Missouri helmet. I get it, it’s supposed to be wearing a helmet with a Michigan block M, but in really the helmet doesn’t have wings, it’s Mizzou.

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  1. Haha, classic mix-up of helmets. Wouldn’t expect less from Farm U.

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