AUDIO: Rose Bowl setting articulated by Kirk Herbstreit



The Rose Bowl, it’s unbelievably picturesque setting, and New Year’s Day at very late afternoon time remind you of everything that’s special in this world and all that could be sublime. New Year’s Day might the calendar’s most underrated day of the year. (After all it’s the time on the calendar with the most time until New year’s Eve the most overrated and worst on the calendar)

Every year, I get chills as the B-2 Stealth Bomber flies-over the Rose Bowl during the national anthem.

Kirk Herbstreit articulated the transcendent physical beauty that is the setting of the Rose Bowl.


Herbstreit called his ninth Rose Bowl last week, and during the telecast he expressed the fondness that he has for the Rose Bowl setting. It’s quite similar to how I feel about the Rose Bowl. In the podcast below, Herbstreit expounds on what he said during the broadcast.

Herbstreit was on media conference call to preview ESPN’s broadcast of the national title game on Monday; the first of the playoff era.

The Rose Bowl will became the first college football bowl game to reach 100 in 2014; and the Rose Bowl hosted the last college football national title game of the pre-playoff era.




Herbstreit mentioned his Midwestern upbringing and what Pasadena meant to him growing up. I felt the same. Pasadena, the Rose Bowl stadium, the Rose Bowl game, all manifest themselves as a type of Eden, a Shang-ri-la. You have to earn your way there. Only the elite can escape winter’s cold and gloom for the warm sunset against the Southwestern influenced architecture on the San Gabriel Mountains.

The Granddaddy of Them All is an undefinable and indescribable place. However, a “picture is worth a thousand words” so here are more Rose Bowl pictures from the Rose Bowl trips I’ve made- as both a fan and as a journalist.





rose bowl



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