Two of the Best College Football Stadiums in the Nation


michigan football

Football College comes with many beautiful things. All the excitement in the field of play, the cheering from the stands by the fans along with the anxiety comes from the game. But one thing that we should cherish is the field of play and the stadium at large. 

The stadium is the place that makes us have all the beauty and glamour. On that note, let us share with you the best stadiums available in the college football. These stadiums have a good history and they are good place to be and have fun when you are taking a breaking from online slots. 


Michigan Stadium, Michigan 

The stadium accommodate a massive crowd, therefore, there is no need for you to worry for a place that is why they call it “Big House”. This is one of the largest stadiums that comes with college football. The stadium carries a huge capacity of 115.109 and to be frank there is no other stadium in college football that comes with such a capacity. 

At the same time, it has become the fans favourite place to be and, the home side always have a massive advantage because of the fully packed stadium. This simply means full support for better results. 

clemson football

Memorial Stadium, Clemson 

The Memorial Stadium is also popularly known as the “Death Valley”. The stadium is built on top of the cemetery and that simply justifies its nickname isn’t it? This is the most nerves wrecking place that you can play the game of football especially for the away side. The home side will always have an advantage when they play at the Memorial Stadium. 

The stadium has the capacity of 81,500 therefore; you should expect an electrifying moments at this amazing college football stadium just like when playing thrilled online slots at usa online casinos. All this is made possible by the fans and they have made it a very special place because of their presence. 

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