Northwestern Wildcats Blow Out Michigan HarriSims at home


By Paul M. Banks

If I always refer to the one man team that is the Penn St. Nittany Lions as the “Penn State Talor Battles” than I must also (to stay true to the bit I stole from whoever the first scribe was to call the Cleveland Cavaliers the “Cleveland LeBrons”) refer to the two man team that is the Michigan Wolverines as the “Michigan HarriSims”. In reference to DeShawn Sims and Manny Harris.

24-20 NU 9 min left in half. NU has 24 points, and 6 3pters. Michigan has 20, and 5 3 pters. Obviously Craig Hodges needs to show up this because this is nothing more than a three point shooting contest. Of course, he can’t because he was blackballed by the NBA after he made public Anti-American comments during the first Gulf War.

And if you’re anyone other than the Cleveland LeBrons guy, and you start saying PSU Talors or Michigan HarriSims- you’re stealing my bit!

27 all 6 min left in half. A lot of empty seats than usual for a conference game. I guess a lot of people who don’t have DVRs are home watching the Lost season premiere tonight. BTW, I’m super geeked about that! But I have to watch my DVR of Wis-MSU first before watching Lost. so commenters, no spoilers!!!

33-30 1 min left in half.

These teams are to the three ball what a character on Lost is to having Daddy issues.

35-30 NU at half

Michigan is a tiny team with only one starter over 6-5. They started four guards tonight. or 2 forwards if you buy the idea that Manny Harris is a small forward. And I do not. Getting back to the topic of Lost, everyone thinks Evangeline Lilly is the hottest thing going on network television right now. And while I certainly do not take any issues with that position, I’d take Pam Beesly from The Office over her any day.

Wow! the pace has really slowed down here 43-35 Cats with 10 min left in game. Good defense, bad offense, who knows probably a little of both. I know Paul S. hates Juice Thompson so badly..but I like watching him a play a lot, probably for the same reasons he hates him. He had a nice backdoor cut layup a couple minutes ago and his tim hardaway style “killer crossover” in the first half was sweet!

Drew Crawford with a nice running J as the shot clock expired. Next possession a big 3 that bounces home! i say big because in a game like this with it’s pacing 54-37 with 6:14 left…that’s a DAGGER! ONIONS! a 17 pt lead in a game like this is akin to 30 pts in a NBA game.

time to warm up the bus.

63-48 Cats with 1:36 left

Fans have been consistently streaming out of here for quite some time already. Two of the greatest fan traditions here at Welsh-Ryan, yes Northwestern hoops fans do have great traditions 1.) when they show the individual statistics leaders in the conference, the student section quietly boos every name displayed that is not a Wildcat, and of course cheers wildly for any NU player. 2.) mocking the other team’s chant and using it for their own, when they’re up big. Tonight they came strong with the “it’s good. to be. a Michigan Wolverine. and inserted their own team’s name in there. Good stuff.

Ciao! from Evanston


  1. I think you could group Michigan with UNC, UConn, and UCLA as the most disappointing teams in college basketball this year… maybe add Washington, Oklahoma as honorable mentions.

  2. Yeah Washington and UCLA defintitely! I know Mich is really young, but who was everyone counting on from their freshman? What I mean is why were they ranked #15 nationally, because of what new incoming talent? I just didn’t see it then.

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