College Football Live Blog, Week 5!


10:30 AM  — Big slate of games this week and a hearty Howdy-Do to everyone.  Welcome to The Sports Bank’s weekly college football blog.  Good stuff abounds here today, as we’ve got a ton of Big Ten action early, then a great slate of games of national importance later tonight.  First, the loose schedule for the day:

11AM games:
Michigan at Michigan State
Wisconsin at Minnesota
Northwestern at Purdue
Arkansas St at Iowa 
2:30 games:
LSU at Georgia
Penn State at Illinois
UCLA at Stanford
Washington at Notre Dame
Late games
Ohio State at Indiana
USC at Cal
Oklahoma at Miami

Now, some links for your reading pleasure….

Once the game starts, check out Paul Squared’s running commentary on the Illinois game.  They’ll have so much to say it’ll clutter up the live chat too much with, “Oh, the Illini are so overrated.” 

Or check out Paul Schmidt’s college football prognostications…this week’s guest picker is his Mom.  He’s…well, he’s lowering the bar, isn’t he?

Mike Gallagher says Minnesota’s Eric Decker is the nation’s top WR.  Do you agree?

Plus check out the latest on Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

We’ve got you covered from all angles!  And don’t forget, come back and chat with us All.  Day.  Long.

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  1. Tina Hines says

    I just love college football and watch it all day long on TV. The guys are all very athletic and some are handsome.

    I also do my share of betting on college football games and sometimes win money and sometimes lose money.

    I look at the odds and determine how much of a bet I want.

  2. paulmbanks says

    How’d you do? did you make a lot of $$$

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