For Mitt Romney, Badgers, Wolverines fight songs have political overtones (video)



Mitt Romney is so humorless, he’s hilarious!

Now I’m not saying you need a Chris Rock type as your presidential candidate, I’m just saying Romney is so bland, he’s like a PR department disguised as a human being. In this video clip from the Colbert Report, Stephen references a Romney interview where he tries to be funny by telling a humorous story.

He fails.

But his process talks about how the Michigan Wolverines “Hail to the Victors” was used for political propaganda purposes by his Dad. And how the Wisconsin Badgers “On Wisconsin” had socioeconomic double meaning for his family’s campaign/record of governance.

Who says sports aren’t political?


The Colbert Report
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Yes, I know it’s a terribly unfunny story. Like trying to laugh at the human economic suffering in Michael Moore’s “Roger and Me.” Or his Capitalism movie.

“Ahhhhhhh, the fight song meant the destruction of jobs, and economic ruin, hhahahahahhaha. It works on so many levels.”


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