Yet another anti-Anthony Davis, anti-Kentucky picture



Anthony Davis has answered questions about his unibrow all season long. And about being people making fun of him for it. He doesn’t shy away from it; he embraces it. The national player of the year and future #1 pick in the NBA draft isn’t changing himself for you, or the funny gifs and jpegs you make.

Or the ones below. Can you feel the Kentucky Wildcats hatred out there? It’s getting to be almost Duke like. Or New York Yankees like. Remember, every year UK wins the title, the Yankees win the World Series. Watch the World Series odds change significantly after Calipari cuts down the nets tonight.

Enjoy the gallery.



And this is in a similar vein from 2009. At the expense of Tyler Hansbrough! Three years later and it still never gets old. Screamy McScreamington is just continuing his grindiness in the pros


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  1. The story about The NY Yankees winning the World Series every time Kentucky wins the NCAA is not true. Check out 1948. Kentucky wins in March of ’48 but the Yankees do not win the 1948 World Series.

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