LIVE BLOG from the Kohl Center: #1 Ohio State vs. #13 Wisconsin


Kohl Center

30 minutes til tip-off: The Kohl Center is absolutely packed for this one. The student section is already full, as expected. This is the second most credentialed game in Badger history, according to the always reliable Twitter.

15 minute countdown: First time seeing Jared Sullinger in person. He is one big boy. The Badgers will really need to do a good job of getting a body on him. On the defensive end, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ohio State go in a 2-3 zone to keep Sullinger in the paint. If the Buckeyes go man, Sullinger may have a hard time guarding Leur/Nankivil on the perimeter.

By: Justin Mertes-Mistretta

10 minutes: The Badgers just re-entered the court with the crowd going nuts. This is one of the loudest college basketball atmosphere’s I’ve seen in a long time. This is going to be a great game!

Just under 3 minutes til the tip: Fans waving their rally towels. Since Wisconsin beat Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl, does this mean they can take over their Terrible Towels? I gotta say, it’s pretty cool. Last time Wisconsin beat a #1 team at home was against none other than Ohio State back in 1962.

First time-out (1st half – 14:06): Game is pretty even so far. Buford is getting going early for the Buckeyes. Aaron “Crafty” Craft going into the game. I’m interested to see how he’ll do in the match-up with Taylor.

7:44 left in first half: Every time Sullinger has the ball in his hands he makes something happen, either dishing it off to an open shooter or scoring. The Buckeyes need to get it down low to him more.

The perimeter defense of Ohio State is doing a good job of pressuring the Badgers.

5:45 left: And right when I credit the Buckeye’s defense….. The Badgers hit two huge threes.

Good to see Sullinger start out 2-2 from the line. He’s been struggling in that area lately.

2:33 left: Not sure why Jordan Taylor was hesitant to go up for the lay-up in the lane there. That is why the Badgers don’t go to the line much, gotta go up with that.

Time-out, 34 seconds left til the half: William Buford is having himself a nice game so far, leading the Buckeyes with 11 points. He has a silky smooth jumper.

Halftime: Badgers give up an easy basket to Ohio State’s Lighty to end the first half. Bo Ryan is going to pull out his Grinch impersonation with that poor effort. Buckeyes lead the Badgers 28-26 at the half.

bo ryan

15:30 mark of the second half: Buckeye’s pulling ahead to a 40-30 lead over the Badgers. Buford’s step back jumper is a thing of beauty. He is killing the Badgers with that same move over and over. With 19 points already, he’s on pace to be the Player of the Game today.

12:30 left: I have watched every one of Sullinger’s games and he continues to amaze me with his poise and maturity. He doesn’t take a single bad shot and knows exactly when to take advantage of a scoring opportunity.

10:45: Taylor hits two HUGE threes for the Badgers to cut the lead to seven, 40-47. He continues to hit big threes for the Badgers.

8:47: After a huge three by Gasser and a put-back by Bruesewitz to tie the game at 49, the Kohl Center couldn’t get any louder.

Time-out (7:41): An unbelievable run by the Badgers here in the second half. They have come back from 15 points in the past three minutes. There is just something in the air every time the Badgers play in the Kohl Center.

Under Six minutes left: The basket is the size of the ocean for the Badgers. They have hit four threes in the past two minutes. I think the top of the roof is going to pop off if they hit another.

Time-out (3:12): Jordan Taylor is one of the best guards in the nation, period. He has carried this team on his shoulders all season and is doing it again today. He’s hit five threes and has 24 points overall.

2:05 left: Big offensive rebound by Leur. He was getting mauled down there, but managed to call a time-out.

59.4 second left: Sullinger pulls down huge offensive board, going to the line. Buckeyes down 65-61. Game not over yet.

18.2 seconds left: That three by Bruesiwitz pretty much seals the deal for the Badgers.

3 seconds left: Sullinger hits a three?! Wow, this game just won’t die.

Final Score, Wisconsin 71-Ohio State 67: Unbelievable comeback for the Badgers as they give #1 Ohio State their first loss of the year. Fans are storming the court, reminding me of when Wisconsin upset #1 Ohio State in football.

What do you think of storming the court? I mean the Badgers are #13 in the nation and almost unbeatable at home….

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  1. We need to start moving the ball quicker, we keep forcing up bad shots b/c we run out of time on the shot clock

  2. Justin Mertes-Mistretta says

    Yeah, that is the downside of the ball-control style that the Badgers play. If the opposing team is locking them down, they start settling for Jordan Taylor fade-aways.

  3. No no no, not a very good start for Mr. Bo Ryan

  4. Justin Mertes-Mistretta says

    Ah Consuela decided to join the discussion. I love it! More Lemon Pledge for the Badgers?

  5. Jordan Taylor is soooo unhealthy omg….I slept in his BED!!!

  6. Justin Mertes-Mistretta says

    Haha, yeah he is so clutch. He just hits big three after big three for the Badgers.

  7. To quote the great Jim Rome…”this is a Man’s Game!”

  8. Jordan Taylor- your seat at the big boy table is now waiting for you

  9. Game Over!! Party time in Madtown!!!

  10. Taylor is got to be considered first team all-conference. holy shit you guys are going to do this just like I predicted two weeks ago

  11. Justin Mertes-Mistretta says

    Not only would I say Taylor is first team all-conference, I think he should be in the discussion for Player of the Year. He has carried this Badger team all year.

  12. there’s a good bo ryan=grinch side by side on the indiana and ohio state message boards on

  13. jordan taylor definitely deserves silver b-ball consideration. even though it was leuer not him who made the wooden midseason list

  14. And I understand the storming the court…but c’mon wisconsin never loses at home. i don’t think it was necessary. But kids these days are just so rush the court promiscuous these days. much more so than in my day

  15. Justin Mertes-Mistretta says

    Yeah, storming the court seems unnecessary considering how good they are at home and that they were ranked #13. However, Ohio State was undefeated and the fans deserve to do whatever they want after how loud they were today. Hell of a win and a great time to be a Wisconsin sports fan.

  16. anytime you beat the #1 team in the country, you storm the court… no question… regardless of your ranking or how good you are at home… especially when it’s the second week of February and that #1 ranked team is unbeaten… Jordan Taylor is league… I am officially convinced

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