EXCLUSIVE with Lou Henson, The Godfather of Modern Illini Athletics

lou henson

Lou Henson is the El Pedrino, “The Godfather,” of modern University of Illinois athletics. If you’re a generation X or younger Illini, then you already know how Henson is the Illini legend of all legends in modern sports. Red Grange, Dick Butkus and George Halas all have their place in the pantheon, but Illinois is a basketball school, and both the home court, and the street which bisects the two revenue sport home venues bare his honorary namesake. 

At age 86, Henson was inducted into the second class of the Illinois Athletics Hall of Fame Friday night, with a black tie gala at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.

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Kendall Gill on the Chicago Bulls NBA Draft, Illini Hoops (EXCLUSIVE)


Fighting Illini legend and former Chicago Bull Kendall Gill just turned 50 a couple weeks ago, but he’s in as phenomenal physical shape as he’s ever been. Boxing is a big reason why, and Gill was going to box the day after we caught up to him- at the second annual Illini Athletics Hall of Fame gala. If you’re into boxing, and need a new heavy bag, see more about them at this product review site. Boxing is one of the best cardio activities that one can partake in. 

 “It’s one of my main workouts, it keeps me in good shape,” Gill told The Sports Bank during our exclusive interview, conducted at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.

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NBA, Illini Legend Deron Williams on His Present, Future (EXCLUSIVE)

deron williams

Illini legend and three time NBA All-Star Deron Williams walked up the orange carpet with his wife Amy Friday night at the second annual Illinois Athletics Hall of Fame Gala at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.

D. Will was a part of the inaugural Hall of Fame class but was unable to attend last year’s gala as he was just coming off a NBA Finals appearance with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Williams couldn’t pass up this opportunity again, especially when you consider the manner in which he was invited.

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Illini Basketball: Five UI Athletics Hall of Fame Snubs

nick anderson illini basketball lou henson

Illini basketball, on the men’s side, comprised one quarter of the inaugural Illinois Athletics Hall of Fame class. That’s fitting as U of I is a hoops school. As current Illini basketball coach Brad Underwood reminded the media ahead of the first ever HOF gala, Illinois was ranked the #11 hoops program of all time by the Associated Press in 2017.

Although the program has sharply declined lately, over the many years backing the Illini to emerge victorious on betting sites has proven to be a lucrative practice. Perhaps the program can return to their winning ways someday soon.

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Illini Football: Six UI Athletics Hall of Fame Snubs


Illini football comprised one quarter of the inaugural Illinois Athletics Hall of Fame class. Dick Butkus, Dike Eddleman, Red Grange, George Halas, George Huff, Buddy Young and Bob Zuppke were the seven representatives of the gridiron in the 28 member class.

In the second class, they were joined by Jim Grabowski, Dana Howard, Alex Agase and Ray Elliot. Speaking of football, if you want to do some live AFL betting then you should check out that hyperlink. As we look ahead to the next potential set of Illini football Hall of Famers, we notice no truly obvious, glaring omissions, but still plenty of accomplished players left out. Let’s take a look at who the next six should be.

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Wrigley Field College Football Bowl Game Possible in 2021

wrigley field northwestern

If a Wrigley Field bowl game is to happen, it won’t be coming along until 2021, according to Chicago Cubs President Crane Kenney.  Many have called 2010’s Wrigleyville Classic, in which Illinois defeated Northwestern 48-27, the first bowl game ever held at Wrigley Field.

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Why Wisconsin, not Illinois is the Northwestern Opponent at Wrigley Field


Tuesday morning saw the Chicago Cubs and Northwestern athletics “announce” during a news conference at Wrigley Field that NU will play the Wisconsin Badgers in a 2020 college football game. In having 2020 vision, you’ll see that NU was forced to choose between one of two Ryan Field home dates that could be moved to the Friendly Confines. 

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#9 Purdue Boilermakers: What to Watch at Illinois Thursday

While the Purdue Boilermakers have tumbled down the national rankings and seen their B1G title hopes all but dashed, they still have a ton to play for at Illinois tomorrow night. The Boilermakers can still grab a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament, but only if they close out the regular season by winning their last two.

If Purdue suffers a loss to either of the two teams (at the 12th place Illini Thursday night, towards the bottom of a very VERY soft B1G, their #1 seed hopes will likely be all but dashed. That said, there’s even more on the line, for both sides. Let’s run through all of that:

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Worst Illini Basketball Team Ever? What the Records, Numbers Say

illini basketball

#WeWillWin is a slogan that needs to go on hiatus for awhile. If you haven’t already, you can bury it deep in the closet for a long while, regarding Illini basketball, and even longer for Illini football. However, men’s hoops is traditionally the jewel of the U of I DIA. Illini basketball is and always has been, far and away the banner program of the athletic department. They led the entire nation in total wins from 2002-2006.

Today, 12 years later, is this the worst team in school history? It’s debatable, and over the course of these final five games, the final record will have the say so. In the meantime, instead of watching these last few meaningless games, you might want to go play situs poker online instead. You’ll probably get more enjoyment.

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Illini Revenue Sports Disaster Still Not at Northwestern “Dark Ages” Depths

Illini fans have used many different names to describe the catastrophe that the two revenue-producing sports have become: dumpster fire, tire fire, house on fire, a cartoon dog sitting in the middle of a house fire saying “this is fine.” As egregiously awful as it currently is, and will likely be for a long time, it’s still not unprecedented- not in this conference, and not in this state.

If you go back to the 1980s, a time that many Northwestern fans often refer to as “the dark ages,” you’ll see that things can be worse. It’s always darkest, right before it gets pitch black. Tonight the Illini will welcome #9 Michigan State to their home court, and that’s coincidental (watch a BTN announcer will incorrectly call this “ironic”) as it was these same Spartans who were the most recent team to fall victim to an Illinois revenue producing team back on March 1st.

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Michigan State Basketball Rules the B1G, Purdue is Solid, the Rest is Meh


This current Michigan State basketball team is the class of the B1G, and there is a substantial drop-off below the Spartans. The Purdue Boilermakers were able to shake off a couple bad performances in the Bahamas over Thanksgiving weekend, and now they look very solid.

Then, once again, there’s a massive drop-off to the rest of the league. It’s MSU, Purdue and then just a bunch of guys. Some of those guys are better than the others, but there is no squad that is must see other than the Purdue and Michigan State basketball teams.

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Illini Football Could Remain at Kansas Jayhawks Level Depths for Awhile

lovie smith

There’s no way to sugarcoat this: Illini football is Kansas Jayhawks level bad; plain and simple.

There’s no reason or rationale for euphemisms or spin anymore, these two programs are mirror images of each other, and they have now “established” themselves as the two worst bottom feeders of the power five conferences.

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