Three Tips to Getting a Job in Sport


According to Eurostat, in 2017 more than 1.7 million people were working within the sports industry in Europe alone. With more than a third of the overall workforce ranging between the ages of 15 and 29, it’s clear that getting a job in sports industry is a career goal mostly for younger people. Substantial salaries and dynamic working environment attract a vast number of candidates, therefore, any piece of advice you could get is an advantage over the rest of the applicants. That’s why we decided to share some tips that should help you land a job in sports industry much easier.

Educate yourself

There’s so much more in sports than building your body into perfect shape, as there are many executive positions that require serious psychological approach and the ability to handle interpersonal relationships. You need to learn how to listen to people, understand what motivates them, and develop an appropriate manner of communication to recruit talents, manage a team, or handle marketing.

Additionally, sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, and football are among the highest paying jobs in the world which attracts big business brands, which means there’s a business side to it that includes analytics, investments planning, overall – keeping your eyes on the profit. Education can take over most of your time so you’d have to learn how to delegate and manage time. Sometimes, hiring an essay writer can save you the time you could otherwise use to improve your business and psychology skills. Simply put, it’s more important learning the essentials of your future branch than preparing a speech for your interview.


Make sure you get in touch with people already invested in the sports industry, billions of people are active on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Connect with those that matter to you and show off your capabilities. It’s also a good practice to visit seminars and mingle with the attendants. Get as many visit cards as you can and send follow up emails to show your interest and perhaps start a constructive discussion. 

Get an internship

When you look to snatch a job opportunity within the industry that holds some of the most competitive careers, you have to look for the slightest cracks that could get you inside. An internship in the sports industry is difficult to come by, as it is with other lucrative career choices like web design is nowadays. Send out your resume to institutions you believe would be the right fit for a starting position, and try to convey all how you could contribute. It’s important to create a resume that will catch the eye with a unique design and compelling content that clearly states the benefits of having you as an intern.

When you start your program, give your best to prove your worth, don’t ever be late, always go an extra mile with your tasks, and make sure you get noticed for your hard work – that’s how to get a job in the sports industry.


These were some of the most meaningful pieces of advice that should help you find your way in the sports industry. Moreover, these tips can also settle the concerns regarding how to get a job in a different industry as they apply to multiple fields, not only sports. Invest in yourself and work hard on achieving your dreams so the only obstacle you have to face is you alone.


Connie Elser is a freelance content writer engaged with a series of online sports publishers across the world. Connie is dedicated to producing informative and amusing content that provides real-life value to the readers. She aims to engage the audience and motivate them to constantly work on self-improvement as a method for accomplishing personal and professional goals.

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