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Slots is that category of any casino which brings utmost thrill and fun in the casino premises. Be it land-based casino or online casino, slots have proved to be the biggest attraction if the classic casino table games are to be kept aside. Players enroll themselves into this immersive game to try out their luck and make it big from gambling games. The best online casino reviews also say that the casinos offering a plethora of slot games are better in comparison to the ones that stick with old school games.

The fun exponentiates even further when the slot online game you are trying happens to be a scatter slot and not just any other slot game. Now what are scatter slots may be the first question popping in your heads. Here is the answer.

What are scatter slots?

Scatter slots are slot games that comprise of a functionality symbol called the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol can be anything, a dragon, a girl, an ornament or just a number, depending on the game design of the specific scatter slot game. The main function of a scatter symbol is to provide the player with new and exciting rewards based on the laid-down payout of a scatter slot game. The range of rewards that come with the scatter symbols depends on various factors that are being discussed below.

Factors that decide the type of reward

There are basically two factors that the scatter slots follow to roll out the scatter symbol rewards:

Layout of scatter symbols

Although most scatter slots are independent of the layout of the scatter symbols on the reel, some of the slot games are an exception to this generic belief. Games like Double Stacks, Phoenix Rising and many others present on various online casinos reward you with a multitude of free spins if you manage to get a full reel of scatters.

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Number of scatter symbols

Landing on the scatter symbol can award you with different kind of rewards depending on the number of scatter symbols hit at a time. If you are lucky enough to hit 3 or more scatter symbols on the reel you have the privilege to get high payouts directly from the game or else you can be flooded with free spins like in games like Power Reels and Burning Love.

The types of rewards

The types of rewards that scatter slots can offer are variable depending on the payout of the game. The different kinds of rewards are:

Free Spins




High-value payouts

Bonus spins

Trigger extra features

Scatter symbols stand out

There are other special symbols on a slot game, like the wild symbols or the most valued symbols and the general symbols of the game. However, the scatter symbols stand out of the middle because they hold almost all the qualities of other symbols. Scatter symbols are irreplaceable even if you hit a wild symbol, which is programmed to replace all the symbols on the reel. This proves the importance of scatter symbols. Other than this, scatter symbols also role out huge benefits for the players which makes it a contender to be called as the most valued symbol.

The scatter slot is one of the best categories of slot machine that lets you experience casinos at their very best.

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