Future of Legal Sports Betting and casinos in the US and Canada


Of the 50 United States, 42 have now legalized sports gambling or are working on legislation pertaining to it. There are 13 states where sports betting is currently legal: Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Arkansas, New York, Iowa and Indiana.

Additionally, in Oregon and New Mexico, some native American tribes have begun operating sports books. Meanwhile Maine has passed a bill, with legislative action awaiting in 2020.

In other words, business is booming. We’re going to see lots of new casinos and online casinos popping up. And with that proliferation we’ll also see a boom in online casino reviews. Many of the users do not trust all the new operators in those industries and are looking for someone to guide them which one is legit and which one isn’t. This is very important since people invest their funds in these businesses. Popularity is rising and right now, the American sports betting space is one where you want to be. And there’s even more to come. One of the reasons that the US decided to take steps towards legalizing Sports betting and casinos is that Canada already did it almost entirely.

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Illinois, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Tennessee have also legalized sports gaming, and thus working on implementation plans. Ever since May 14, 2018, when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a law that had rendered sports wagering unconstitutional, it’s been a brave new world.

The landmark SCOTUS ruling opened up a world of opportunity as it enabled each individual state to decide the legality of sports wagering for itself. Illinois House Revenue and Finance Committee Chairman Mike Zalewksi, who led the Land of Lincoln’s movement on sports betting, sees tremendous opportunities for growth.

“Enacted and up and running, I’ve set an ambitious goal for the Super Bowl, but I can’t say for sure that will happen,” Rep. Zalewski told The Sports Bank in an exclusive interview.

“It’s all up to the regulators, it’s up to the Governor when he signs the bill. There are many hurdles left to jump on that, but I’m hopeful and the sooner the better.”

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When Illinois, the sixth most populous state, enters the fold, it will be the third most populous state to legalize sports betting. Only New York (4th overall) and Pennsylvania (5th overall) have a larger population.

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