Contemporary Bathroom Sink: Design Trends and Ideas of Choice


A bathroom sink is an essential attribute of this place. It is almost impossible to imagine this room without a washbasin. Contemporary bathroom sinks come in a variety of shapes and materials. Therefore, sometimes, it is difficult to understand the difference between the presented models and, what is more important, choose the one that fits perfectly into your house interior and the lifestyle of all family members.

This article will tell you a bit more about the shapes and types of washbasin installations, which could be a practical guide to help you choose a perfect modern sink.

Modern sinks differ in the installation method and are divided into 3 main types — wall-mounted sinks, freestanding washbasins, and vessel sinks.

Original items have been appreciated at all times, but today, the demand for them is especially great because individuality and originality are the trends of our time. To satisfy the needs of buyers, manufacturers of sanitary ware are releasing more new collections. At the peak of popularity is a custom made bathroom sink designed by Northern European brand Aquatica®.

Modern technologies of Aquatica allow abandoning traditional forms and embodying concepts in a new, original look. If you are looking for something exclusive that will add individuality to your home, you will love the variety of shapes of unusual bathroom sinks — oval, rectangular, round, and uniquely shaped sinks.

These solid surface designer washbasins are available in a range of models and colors — black, brown, black and white, white, blue, and red — there is the right one for everyone. You can also choose from a variety of high-quality materials that rival durable natural stones such as marble and granite. All bathroom ware products comply with EU and US standards, which guarantee their quality and safety.

It should be noted that designer washbasins are not only beautiful but also very practical, functional, and comfortable to use. They do not require special care, are easy to clean, and retain their original appearance for a long time. Beautiful bathroom sinks not only decorate the space but also subtly emphasize the style of the house and the refined taste of the owner.

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