Why You Need to Drive Safely On The Road


Drivers are responsible in front of the law to comply with their duty of care which enforces various road obligations and liabilities on all drivers. The duty of care includes many legal responsibilities that every driver should act upon. This refers to driving safely and cautiously while maintaining the road’s safety and abiding by the speed limits. Many of us might not understand the purpose of these laws and regulations and how they contribute to protecting both drivers and pedestrians on the road.

Drivers are legally responsible for driving safely to protect everyone on the road and to avoid tragic consequences, road mishaps, property damage, and insurance expenses that could have been avoided. In this article, we explain the importance of driving safely and why drivers are legally obligated to follow national speed limits and abide by road safety rules and obligations.


Safety is the most obvious reason for having to drive cautiously on the road. Drivers are asked to drive with care to avoid risking the lives of other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians, along with their own lives. Reckless driving can lead to serious damages, injuries, and can send many innocent victims to their death. Not to mention the financial and legal complications following even the smallest accidents. Even if no one gets hurt, many financial damages take place which is bad for all parties involved in a road crash accident. This is why drivers should comply with the legal road regulations to protect themselves and everyone around them while using the road.

Saving Money on Insurance

Safe driving can help achieve more than protect everyone around you and help you abide by the traffic laws. Driving responsibly can also help you cut down and save a lot of money on car insurance expenses. Especially, if your car has an insurance tracker that helps your insurer determine your driving patterns. Lawyers from Kendall Law Firm say that insurers decide on the amount you pay for premiums based on how many accidents you were involved in and how many insurance claims were raised from you or against you. This means that driving safely can help you reduce premiums, avoid car insurance claims, and stay out of trouble by protecting yourself and everyone else on the road. Make sure you stick to the speed limits and avoid road mishaps to pay lower insurance premiums and save money on your car insurance.

Preventing Property Damage

Car or road accidents can lead to many forms of property damage. For example, if you run a startup business, your company would probably only have about one or two vehicles that are used by your employees to perform various company functions. If something was to happen to any of your company-owned vehicles, your workplace will end up with heavy property damage fees to cover. If an employee is injured in a company vehicle, they can sue your organization and cause you to lose a lot of money on injury claims and lawsuits. Plus, all other forms of public property damages can pile up the expenses and cost your company a lot of money.

Setting a Good Example

By respecting the traffic laws and driving safely on the road, you set a perfect example for other drivers and passengers on the road. If you have kids, you’ll want them to be safe when it’s time for them to drive too. Driving cautiously and setting a good example is the perfect way of showing them how good drivers behave on the road.

Think of how much positive peer pressure will be placed on reckless drivers when everyone around them is following the speed limits and respecting the law on the road. A good driver will strive to make such an impact.

Protecting the Environment 

Car exhaust is very bad for our environment. When you drive your car around, it emits carbon emissions that impact our environment negatively. But driving a car is unavoidable so you can only try to reduce your carbon footprint by driving more safely and steadily. Driving responsibly and reaching your destinations by driving in steady routes helps in reducing your car’s carbon emissions. So driving safely is not just good for your health and finances, it’s also good for the environment we live in.

A driver must drive with caution not just to protect lives and reduce property damages, but also to save insurance money and protect our environment. Road accidents can lead to fatal results, irreversible property damages, and significant insurance expenses. When you respect the traffic laws you protect yourself and everyone around you, reduce your insurance premiums and set a good example for new drivers and reckless drivers.


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