Important Safety Tips Every Bike Owner Should Know By Heart


Riding motorbikes is exhilarating and fun. Aside from the thrill of the ride and the freedom to explore the open roads around you, these vehicles are easy to maneuver. With motorbikes, there are no limits to what moves you want to try on the road, not to mention how cool and edgy you will look while riding a bike. But like all vehicles, bikes can sometimes be tricky to drive, which may lead to accidents if you are not careful. Therefore, you should not overlook the potential risks that come with such a powerful two-wheeler. On that note, here are some vital safety tips for every bike owner.

Wear a Helmet

Head traumas are common serious injuries that get many bike riders into the ER. It is wise to start off by protecting your head and sparing you from paying a fine. While you are buying a helmet, ensure that it covers your head, face, and jaws for maximum protection. You should also go for helmets that have a plastic shield to prevent dust, rain, insects, and wind from reaching your eyes. The key is to find a helmet that fits your head properly for comfort and functionality.

Abide by the Rules

Traffic rules are stipulated to provide safety for everyone. Following the rules will reduce the risk of accidents. People should never drive under the influence or over-speed. Signaling for your intention to make a turn or stop is important to prevent collisions. Even if you are in a hurry, remember that bikes can be easily maintained and replaced, but your life cannot. Keep your eyes on the road and be thoughtful of pedestrians. You should also avoid overtaking in crowded or narrow areas. Protect yourself and others by following traffic rules.

Invest in Bike Insurance

Two-wheelers are considerably more dangerous than regular cars. As a bike owner, you are exposed to more risks since you don’t have the protection of an enclosed vehicle. According to the esteemed personal injury attorney, Jerome O. Fjeld, comprehensive bike insurance will protect you against the financial costs that typically come with an accident. This will account for the losses, damages, and injuries you may sustain. It can also protect you in case of theft, fire, or natural disasters.

Consider the Weather Conditions

Severe weather conditions can be tricky to adapt to while riding. Rain, fog, wind, or thunderstorms will hinder your ability to maneuver your bike. The probability of getting into accidents is high during extreme weather conditions. It is likely that other riders may not see you on rainy or foggy days. Because it’s better to be safe than sorry,  remember to check the weather before you hop into your bike. If it’s mandatory to go out on your bike, you should stay away from humid roads and ruts.

Wear Appropriate Gear

It is not only about leather jackets and combat boots. You would still need elbow guards, gloves, chest protectors, knee guards, and spine protectors. Sufficient gear can protect you against any sudden moves, obstacles, accidents, or severe weather conditions. While this may be pricey to think about, it will help you evade perils and be spared from the costs of medical bills.

Ensure Visibility on the Road

Regardless of the size of your bike, it can certainly appear small when it is on the road. That’s why motorcyclists should have reflective bands on their jackets, helmets, or even on parts of their bikes. It is also essential to stay away from blind spots of trucks, cars, and other vehicles.

Regular Maintenance is Key

Your motorbike is a valuable possession, and it needs the proper care to perform well. For instance, after long rides, you should check your bike’s condition. Get it serviced to monitor how the brakes, clutches, lights, and tires are doing. Regularly maintaining your bike’s adequate condition will result in a smoother and more comfortable riding experience and fewer accidents.

Many people find it more convenient to travel or commute on a bike than a car. We get it; the mileage, freedom, less money spent on gas, and ability to fit into tight spaces in parking lots are probably some key reasons why you might find bikes more appealing. As exciting as it is to drive a two-wheeler, you should be mindful of the risks it may involve. Ensuring your safety on the road will not take away from your riding experience; on the contrary, it will enhance it. By following our tips, you will avoid injuries, accidents, and other hassles that can quickly turn a fun ride into a disaster.

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