Tottenham News: Adebayor, Pochettino, Krohn-Dehli, Villas-Boas


Here are some of the most interesting Tottenham Hotspur news and transfer rumor stories circulating amidst the Twitterverse, blogosphere, cyberspace and media world.

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Man United News: Van Persie, Falcao, Evans, Blackett, Wilson

james wilson

Here are some of the most interesting Manchester United news and transfer rumor stories circulating amidst the Twitterverse, blogosphere, cyberspace and media world.

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Chelsea News: Begovic, Drogba, J.J. Watt, Title celebration

chelsea transfer rumors

Chelsea ran away with the title this season. They just dominated, start to finish, and they never really had any competition for the championship. Although they won the title weeks ago, today it was awarded to them. Here are some photos from the scene. 

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Arsenal News: Wilshere, Vidal, Hamilton, Sterling, Henry, Walcott


Arsenal ended the regular season in a dominant, convincing fashion by routing West Bromwich Albion. The Gunners finished third in the Premier League table, and they’ll take on Aston Villa in the FA Cup on May 30th.

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Latest updates on David de Gea transfer saga

david de gea manchester united

Time for your daily David de Gea update. It’s a a never ending soap opera like Arturo Vidal was last summer. Will he stay at Manchester United, or move to Real Madrid? Nothing is official yet of course, but here’s the latest headlines on the situation:

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Man United News: Di Maria, Falcao, Van Gaal, Giggs, Navas


The Simpsons character Sideshow Mel had a famous quote about Ned Flanders’ Bible Land theme park- “this endeavor, is the height of tedium!!!” It also best summates United’s season ending 0-0 draw with relegation fodder Hull City today. The goalless endeavor was even more boring than it sounds.

However, it did have significance, as the Tigers were sent down and Victor Valdes acquired a shut out in his first full appearance for United.

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Liverpool News: Rodgers hot seat, Sterling saga, 6-1 humilation


What a horrifying way for Steven Gerrard to go out! It’s probably the worst half of football we’ve seen from Liverpool since…well as long as most of us have been alive anyway.

Stoke City put up five goals, FIVE, before halftime. Now the odds of Brendan Rodgers returning as Manager has been significantly slashed by sports books all across the board.

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VIDEO: Edurne, David de Gea’s girlfriend, Eurovision performance

edurne-garcia david de gea

Edurne Garcia Almagro, better known as Edurne, her stage name, has been called the next Shakira. As the girlfriend (or fiance, depends on which gossip newspaper is more credible here) of Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea, she also could have major influence on European football’s summer transfer market. Or at least one of the biggest deals going down/not going down, and the dominoes that would fall soon afterward.

It’s been reported that she’s the driving force behind De Gea’s potential move to Real Madrid.

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Manchester United starting 11: transfers that won’t happen lineup


With the season ending in a few hours, the talk will soon shift to the summer transfer window. So it’s the perfect time to construct and post this Manchester United starting 11. It’s a line-up composed of all players who have been heavily linked to with a move to United, but will never ever come to Old Trafford.

Or in the case of Ronaldo, not likely coming back. I guess you have to preface this with “never say never again,” to quote the 1983 James Bond film title, but really, it’s difficult to see these really ever happening.

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Manchester United Starting XI: all transfer lineup

hugo lloris

This Manchester United starting XI is an all hypothetical, it’s a team composed of all players heavily rumored to be coming to Old Trafford. Given how the season ends in a few hours, and the talk will soon shift to the summer transfer window, this is as good as any to construct and post this line-up.

Given what a very busy summer Louis van Gaal, Ed Woodward and company are expected to have, it was difficult to limit this to just eleven players. (And yes, the positioning and formation here isn’t “an exact science”)

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WORST (or BEST) of Indianapolis 500 Infield people watching


The Indianapolis 500 is the world’s highest attended single day event. Its total capacity is approximately 400,000 with about 125,000 located in the cheapest and most “festive” seats of the infield.

All newbies marvel at the sheer size of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway upon entering it the first time. The modern day answer to Circus Maximus is large enough to hypothetically house the Vatican, Churchill Downs, Yankee Stadium and the Rose Bowl all at the same time.

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Guide to Indy 500 Museum; Photo of 1st ever Indy 500 car


I visited the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum in mid-March 2014, just hours before Michigan State thrashed Michigan in the Big Ten Tournament Final. I used what scarce vacation time I had to take in Indy 500 history and Indy 500 culture. It was literally 26 degrees outside, with a wind chill of 10 that afternoon, in Mid March (just in case you needed yet another reminder of what a BRUTAL WINTER we had in the Midwest during 2013-14).

Still I fought the elements to bring you this Indy 500 photo essay- enjoy!

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