Carolina Panthers Making History as Worst post-Superbowl Team Ever

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The Carolina Panthers reached the NFL’s final game of the 2015 season, Super Bowl 50, and were thus expected to push on in the new season. Cam Newton’s side was deservedly installed as one of the favorites to reach Super Bowl 51.

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Kansas State Wildcats Missing the Talent to be a Threat (Big 12 Preview)


The Kansas State Wildcats return seven of their top nine scorers but lack the talent to be a real factor in the Big 12. [Read more…]

Oklahoma State Cowboys Look for New Life (Big 12 Preview)

brad underwood oklahoma state

After an extremely successful three-year stint at Stephen F. Austin, Brad Underwood looks to revitalize the Oklahoma State Cowboys basketball program. [Read more…]

TCU Basketball Looks for New Life under Jamie Dixon (Big 12 Preview)

jamie dixon tcu

After a successful run at Pitt, Jamie Dixon returns to his alma mater in hopes of reviving a TCU basketball program that has won just eight conference games since joining the Big 12 four years ago. [Read more…]

Reported Tiff Between Diego Costa and Antonio Conte at Chelsea FC

chelsea transfer rumors news

Why aren’t Chelsea FC living up to their sky high preseason expectations? Well, there’s a multitude of reasons but you have to first look at the reported stories of alleged unrest. First, there was talk of Manager Antonio Conte potentially leaving/getting dismissed already. Supposedly that was all smoke, and no fire; mostly rumors driven by speculation in the betting community.

Now there’s real talk of genuine discord between star striker Diego Costa and Conte.

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Jurgen Klopp Says: “Have Respect but be Cool”


Manchester United and Liverpool fans obviously don’t agree on much, but they certainly agreed on how disappointing the result, from an entertainment perspective, was last night. So much for all that “Red Monday” hype and hoopla. There were no losers, except the spectators and viewers, yesterday.

The draw is actually a better result for United than it is for Liverpool, in the grand scheme of things.

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Jose Mourinho Blames Liverpool For Match’s Lack of Goals


While Manchester United and Liverpool supporters are sharply divided and find themselves often clashing, they can certainly agree on today’s game lacking entertainment value. United visited Anfield and the result was a dull, drab goalless draw that very reminiscent of all the tedious 0-0 results we saw last year under Louis van Gaal.

Jose Mourinho has a well deserved reputation as a defensive manager, and he lived up to that today. The Red Devils looked a lot like many of the blues teams Mourinho led.

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Draw Better Result for Manchester United than it is for Liverpool


When Manchester United took on Liverpool tonight, the only losers were the spectators and viewers. It was a dull and tedious 0-0 draw which really had just one true scoring opportunity. The Reds had just three shots on goal while the Red Devils had only one.

No doubt the highlight of the game was Philipe Coutinho’s scoring chance, and the “save of the year” award nominee play by David de Gea in response.

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Mourinho Condescends to Liverpool FC in Sky Sports Interview


Everyone who watched Manchester United play Liverpool FC tonight will tell you how dull and drab the game was. The final result at Anfield, in game so hyped up that it was referred to as “Red Monday,” was 0-0.

United Manager Jose Mourinho blamed the contest’s lack of scoring on his opponent, as he said Liverpool didn’t attack. You can read his full quote here.

However, Mourinho wasn’t done condescending to Liverpool FC, as he said the team is not the “last wonder of the world.”

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Northwestern Football Sends Message to Opposing Homecomings


You know the drill for the Homecoming game- schedule somebody that you’re most likely going to beat. Alumni returning to campus need to witness a victory on this holiday which celebrates their alma mater.

Thus, when you schedule someone for the homecoming game, you are implying some disrespect. Northwestern football hosts Indiana on Saturday for their homecoming. The Hoosiers are quite good this season, but you know their history, it’s not illustrious. IU is a basketball, not a football school.

Northwestern football won their last two games in convincing fashion, both on the road, and both games were the opponents’ homecoming.

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Brian Kelly Deserves At Least Another Season at Notre Dame


Notre Dame football fans, in droves no less, have the pitch forks out for Head Coach Brian Kelly. Although I strongly disagree with them, I get their frustration, and to quote Bill Clinton, “I feel their pain.” Prominent Midwestern media figures have called for Brian Kelly to step down and end his regime in South Bend. 

Again although I see their side of this issue, I am on the total opposite side of the fence.

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Anfield Cat Two: Halloween Feline Invades Liverpool-Man United (Video)


A new animal kingdom star was born Monday night in Liverpool when an oh so cute kitty cat invaded the pitch at Anfield. Welcome to Anfield Cat part 2! A black Halloween cat ventured up Anfield Road and eventually found his way into the field of play, prior to this week’s headliner English Premier League fixture.

Liverpool hosted Manchester United in a very dull goalless draw that did not come even remotely close to living up to the hype, but Anfield Cat was fun and exciting to watch; though the game itself really lacked entertainment value.

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