Man United starting XI vs Arsenal is in


Louis van Gaal has set his line-up for today versus Arsenal, the biggest fixture in the English Premier League this weekend. It’s a battle of two title contenders at The Emirates.

Here is the Manchester United first team for the upcoming kickoff against the Gunners:

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Jose Mourinho says Chelsea can “sack him if they want”


The woes for Jose Mourinho and Chelsea just keep persisting. As the losses mount and Mourinho’s seat warms, the embattled Blues boss has found new and creative ways to publicly express his frustrations. In recent weeks, we’ve been treated to Mourinho: firing a classless passive-aggressive shot at Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, calling a reporter’s line of questioning stupid, admitting that this is the worst period of his career, showing some despair regrading his ability to fix the situation, saying he is “not a magician” after one loss and calling some of his own players “rats.”

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#16 Northwestern football gets Medieval on Minnesota


Don’t let the 27-0 score fool you- this game was a much bigger whopping than those numbers would indicate. Similar to Northwestern football‘s season opening 16-6 win over then #21 Stanford, today’s victory over the Minnesota Golden Gophers was a lot more decisive than the final margin conveyed.

In week one, it was the pace and tempo of the game that made the final point spread deceiving. This Saturday, the Gophers got some help from the officiating. Indeed Northwestern football got hosed on a couple of bad calls today. You can see the frustration with the referees expressed by the official Northwestern football and Northwestern Athletics Twitter accounts:

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Arsene Wenger thought Monaco would not sell Anthony Martial

anthony martial

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger is a long time admirer of Manchester United striker Anthony Martial. This despite the fact that he mistakenly perceived Martial to be more of a winger than a center forward. That has since been cleared up by Martial’s agent. No matter how Wenger perceived he could potentially utilize Martial, he was indeed interested.

It was revealed today that Arsene Wenger just thought Monaco wanted to keep him.

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Jose Mourinho claims there are “rats” on his Chelsea side


Extremely rough times for Chelsea right now; especially so for Manager Jose Mourinho. It appears that he might have lost some of his own players in his own dressing room. If the losing continues, both domestically and in Europe, he could lose the approval of owner Roman Abramovich next.

(Of course, Mourinho recently signed a contract extension, so that’s a complicated situation to potentially explore down the road) Today, Mourinho and Chelsea face Southampton, and they do so with a club that contains “rats,” according to Mourinho.

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Fascinating historical essay of American Baseball Imperialism


Very interesting submission to the site this week as the baseball postseason is set to begin. This is an essay entitled “American Baseball Imperialism” by historian Christopher Kelly. Enjoy:

Armed American forces have fought in eighty-five out of the 194 countries in the world (excluding the USA itself) or 44 percent of the total.  Over the course of this amazing history, filled as it is with heroic liberations and a few tragic blunders, we Americans have had one undeniable achievement – we have exported the game of baseball around much of the world.

american-flag-star spangled banner

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Juan Mata doing the blindfold free kick challenge (video)

juan mata strootman van gaal falcao

Juan Mata, as he revealed Wednesday night, is Manchester United‘s designated penalty kick taker.  He revealed this after United emerged victorious in their second Champions League group stage match against Wolfsburg on Wednesday night.

You can see Mata’s exceptional accuracy and extreme precision in the embedded YouTube video below of Mata accepting the blindfolded free kick challenge.

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Jose Mourinho says he’s in “the worst period of my career”


Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has seen his side endure an extremely rough start to the Premier League season. The Special One admitted in August that it’s “very bad” and that when Chelsea took just four points from their first four matches that it was a “very bad start.”

Things continued to go poorly after that dreadful start, as Chelsea has taken only 8 points from their first seven matches. On Friday, Mourinho described his current struggles as “the worst period of my career.”

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Projected Man United starting XI vs Arsenal

anthony martial

Very quick turnaround again this week for the Man United starting XI prediction.

In August, everyone had Chelsea favored to win the Premier League, with Manchester City considered their main competition. Manchester United and Arsenal, the two teams meeting tomorrow, were thought to be in that third and fourth place mix. The Gunners may have been considered title contenders in the summer, but their bafflingly inactive transfer window lessened expectations.

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ESPN’s Allison Williams is not the actress Allison Williams


Allison Williams began covering college sports for ESPNU in March of 2011 during the BIG EAST Women’s Championship. She’s currently the main sideline reporter for ESPN’s premier college football and college basketball games. She’s also very often confused for the other Allison Williams, the famous actress and daughter of Brian Williams the disgraced journalist.

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#6 Notre Dame football game preview (at #12 Clemson)


Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney joked that he couldn’t get even Jesus tickets to this game if he needed to. ESPN College Gameday is coming to South Carolina. SportsCenter is setting up shop down at Clemson. This is the biggest date remaining on the 2015 Notre Dame football schedule. (Hey, as of now Clemson is a better team than USC).

No more hype needed, this is a college football playoff elimination game. Let’s go!

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Nebraska football game preview (week five at Illinois)


Although this game kicks off on October 3rd, it could very well be a season definer for both teams. The winner fights on to secure/solidify bowl positioning. The loser is in trouble, and finds themselves having to truly turn

For the visitors, well, this isn’t your Dad’s Nebraska football team. It’s not even your older brother’s Nebraska football team. For the home side, well, it appears Bill Cubit is an interim, just like we thought.

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