Manchester United vs Chelsea TV info


The “easing into it”start of the season for Manchester United is over now. Next they’ll take on the Blues, everyone’s preseason favorite, and a group that has indeed played like it.

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What’s wrong with Robin van Persie? Is he in permanent decline?


Robin van Persie is having a down season at Manchester United and if it weren’t for the big money Ed Woodward spent on retaining Wayne Rooney and acquiring Radamel Falcao, this would be a much much bigger issue.No Premier League player has scored more goals (70) than Robin van Persie over the last four seasons.

But RVP only has one goal this season which put United up 2-nil on West Ham.

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Sir Alex Ferguson claims David Moyes disaster wasn’t his fault


Sir Alex Ferguson is definitely embracing his role as Ambassador at Manchester United. First he ended his feud with Wayne Rooney. Then, he recruited Cristiano Ronaldo. He gave him a phone call and the tabloids went wild with the story. Now Sir Alex is trying to mend fences over the way he went out; the decision that tarnished his legacy.

Ferguson hand-picked David Moyes as his successor and then told United fans repeatedly to “stand by their manager.” You know how that situation ended.

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Liverpool transfer rumors: Casilla, Valdes, Reus, Suso


Raheem Sterling seems to be staying put, so we can leave that story line alone for now. However, there are plenty of lots of Liverpool transfer rumors to discuss today so let’s dive right in.

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David Robinson’s son Corey becoming star Notre Dame WR


Corey Robinson is one of many celebrity offspring playing football for Notre Dame right now. His father is “The Admiral” himself, NBA Hall of Famer David Robinson. The Fighting Irish roster also boasts the sons of Jon Bon Jovi, Torii Hunter and Cris Collinsworth. 

Austin Collinsworth, a senior safety, was named one of the team’s captains this season.

Of all the proud fathers of Irish players, David Robinson is the one who is the most consistent fixture at ND.

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Marian Hossa: Blackhawks’ consistent, reliable 2-way player


When Marian Hossa signed a monster twelve-year contract with the Chicago Blackhawks in 2009 he came to the team having played for the Stanley Cup runner-up the two previous seasons (2009 Detroit Red Wings and 2008 Pittsburgh Penguins). After winning two Stanley Cups with the Blackhawks, his career is more “complete.”

But he’s always been a very special player. Even though he goes overlooked sometimes. Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are the faces of the franchise. After that, Patrick Sharp is the fan favorite. (Especially female fans). In terms of “star power,” a very unscientific and arbitrary metric (Highly debatable too), Marian Hossa might even be behind Duncan Keith and Corey Crawford too.

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K.C. Royals vs S.F. Giants World Series: what to watch

Bud Selig

The 2014 World Series may not get the highest ratings, but it will be the most eventful. Sure, there are no Yankees, Red Sox, or Dodgers, but there are the Cinderella story Royals and dynasty-craved Giants.

Not only is Ned Yost undefeated in his first playoff appearance with a Royals team that hadn’t been here since 1985, but on the other side Bruce Bochy looks to cement himself in the Hall of Fame by becoming the 10th head coach to win three World Series.

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Man United Exec Ed Woodward caught cursing?


Manchester United Executive Vice Chairman Ed Woodward was caught on camera yesterday in a moment of anger and frustration. Was he also dropping an f-bomb? He appears to call one of this summer acquisitions…well, you can watch the clip and judge for yourself.

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Man United news and notes: Di Maria, Falcao, Rafael, Fellaini


Lots of Man United news and notes to cover today following last night’s draw with West Bromwich Albion. The 2-2 final sort of felt like a loss, but then again when trailing in the 86th minute, well a tie felt like a win, actually. Once again we saw a great attack, terrible defense. Lovely up front, ugly in the back.

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Van Gaal says United played “best match of the season” today


Today’s 2-2 draw with West Bromwich Albion felt like a loss for Manchester United, but Manager Louis van Gaal put a more positive spin on it. With a truly overwhelming 67%-33% advantage on possession, United did dominate today’s match. Sort of. Anyone who watched the game noticed that United kept the ball in West Brom’s half of the field for a huge majority of the game.

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Gerard Pique could make £20m move to Man United in January


Barcelona Center-Back Gerard Pique is not getting a whole lot of playing time for some reason. He is fit, but yet still riding the bench at Barca. You have to wonder why Luis Enrique is sitting him.

There have been rumors that he was coming back to his former team, Manchester United. Now those rumors are gaining more momentum thanks to a story in The Daily Star.

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Derrick Rose FINALLY looked like Derrick Rose tonight

derrick rose

Derrick Rose made a very bold statement and Chicago Bulls Photo/Media Day. Rose when asked about his team’s window for winning a championship: “I know I’m going to win a championship soon. So I’m not worried about that.”

And ESPN the Magazine has made a tacit but similarly bold statement a week ago by placing Rose on the cover of their NBA Season Preview edition. We’ve all heard about the Sports Illustrated cover jinx; ad nauseam. Is there an ESPN mag cover jinx?

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