Man United transfer rumors: Bernat, Gundogan, Kroos, Reus


Some Man United transfer news, and most of the rumors are about who’s not coming or who’s likely not coming. There isn’t a whole lot about who is coming. Let’s get caught up on the latest gossip.

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Hilarious Twitter feed of just people RIPPING Darren Rovell Yes it’s real


We know that we hate Darren Rovell.

We know that Darren Rovell loves Darren Rovell and also loves the fact that we hate Darren Rovell. He’s pretty obsessed with his critics. So enter @RovellReplies.

As the account’s biography reads: “Darren Rovell receives a lot of hilarious @ replies. We bring you the best of the best.”

And I present, without comment, some of the best of the best of the best.

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Kate Upton’s Comment About Her Own BOOBS: TOTALLY Hypocritical


Maybe Kate Upton is overrated after all.

I know I’m guilty for contributing to that possible “over rating.” I might still think that Kate Upton is the hottest woman alive. No one can deny how much she’s done to help the body issues and self-esteem of young women everywhere. I like my women curvy, and Kate Upton, more than any one individual has shown us all that real women have curves.

She’s been the five-star general in the fight against the misnomer that emaciated equals beautiful. And more importantly, the anorexia and bulimia that accompanies that dangerously unhealthy fallacy.

However, I also never said that Kate Upton was the most profound woman alive. Her quote that went viral yesterday only verifies that she’s not a truly great role model.


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2014 FULL Seven Round NFL Mock Draft 4-17-14


Here is our seven round NFL mock draft. It’s not written by me, it’s authored by a website reader who wishes to remain anonymous. I will tell you he puts a whole lot of work into it. And of course because a seven round NFL mock draft is a ton of work. And this version is even improved and augmented, as there’s even a little bit of commentary sometimes.

As always, here’s my latest NFL mock draft; which is only one round, but goes into detail on every pick in the first round.

Anyways, let’s begin our full seven round NFL mock draft.

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Manchester United closing a £30 million deal for Luke Shaw


Manchester United are confident they’ll secure a £30 million deal for Southampton‘s Luke Shaw according to a variety of sources.

Daily MailThe Telegraph, Daily Star and Red Issue and sources close to Andy Mitten have now all said that United are feeling pretty sure they’ll secure a deal to bring the Saints star left-back to Old Trafford in the summer.

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Manchester United sealing a £35 Million William Carvalho deal


Reports in Portugal today suggested that Manchester United have agreed to a £35 million deal for Sporting Lisbon’s William Carvalho. Carvalho has been coveted by United for some time. That’s no secret. We’ve posted about the midfielder’s transfer rumors over and over again. As have numerous publications. Now it appears William Carvalho is indeed coming to Old Trafford.

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PHOTOS of the Hillsborough Memorial at Liverpool FC (Anfield) today

liverpool fc hillsborough

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough tragedy, during which 96 Liverpool F.C.  men, women and children lost their lives, having travelled to Sheffield Wednesday Stadium at Hillsborough to watch their team play an FA Cup semi-final versus Nottingham Forest.

That means April 15th 2014 was a time for reflection and remembrance. For unity, as every one put their traditional and local rivalries aside. Liverpool fans will never walk alone; and Everton and Manchester United fans walk with them.

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PHOTOS: pictures of new Illinois Fighting Illini uniforms leaked


The Illinois Fighting Illini will debut their new uniforms at a special event tomorrow night on the UI campus.  Illinois Fighting Illini student-athletes employees (according to a recent local NLRB ruling) from football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, volleyball, soccer and baseball will model several of the new uniforms.

You can watch the show on live stream at the University’s website

(UPDATE: John Groce and I have an exclusive conversation (AUDIO) about these uniforms, as well as talking shop about next basketball season)

(UPDATE: Tim Beckman and I have an exclusive conversation (AUDIO) about these uniforms, as well as talking shop about next football season)

In the meantime, a couple photos of the new uniforms leaked. And wow! They do look sharp. I’m loving these. Truly fantastic work by all those involved!

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NBA Scouts believe Jabari Parker is staying at Duke another year


(Update: Jabari Parker decision to be made tomorrow Wednesday April 16th)

Is Jabari Parker returning to Durham for his sophomore season? News stories from multiple outlets linked below believe that the wind is indeed blowing that way.

A report in January first indicated that the Duke Blue Devils forward from Chicago, Illinois was leaning toward playing at least one more season for Coach K., where he’ll be joined by the best incoming freshmen class in all of college basketball: #1 rated Jahlil Okafor, #3 Tyus Jones #19 Grayson Allen and #11 Justise Winslow.

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How dangerous can the Golden State Warriors be in the playoffs?

Curry Thompson

The Golden State Warriors were considered as championship contenders prior to the start of the 2013-2014 season. However, soon after the start of the season they didn’t seem to be as dangerous as initially projected. After a not so great first half of the season the Dubs managed to bounce back in the second half of the season and they are now considered as one of the most significant underdogs in this year’s playoffs. But can they really threaten the best teams in the West? [Read more...]

Ranking the top 57 Chicago Bears of all time (vote here)

payton hall of fame chicago bears

Who is the greatest Chicago Bears player of all time? Jay Cutler? No, of course I do not have a straight face as I type that. In my opinion it’s Walter Payton, but you can make a case for Red Grange too. Or George Halas. Or Dick Butkus.

Well, it’s an endless, timeless debate for Chicago Bears fans. And now you can contribute your two cents.

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“Hillsborough” leads ESPN 30 for 30 Top 10 List


The ESPN 30 for 30 series (along with Grantland, Outside the Lines, Nate Silver, Jay Bilas and a couple other programs/personalities) comprises what grown-ups and intellectuals go for when consuming the World Wide Leader.

If you’re under 14, or your intellectual development is, then by all means enjoy all the SportsCenter, NFL Primetime, Baseball Tonight, Numbers Never Lie, First Take, Around the Horn, Skip Bayless, Chris Berman, Jemele Hill, Ray Lewis, Darren Rovell, Stephen A. Smith rubbish that you wish. While you’re at the kiddie table, we’ll debate the best ESPN 30 for 30 films of all time.

And it’s highly debatable, as there’s so many great documentaries to choose from. Near impossible to limit this list to just ten. Here’s the ESPN 30 for 30 episode list Click the titles where highlighted for more on each one.

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