Man United transfer rumors: Strootman, Falcao, Cleverley


Happy deadline day! We’re just 17 hours away from the summer transfer window closing, so it’s time to talk some Man United transfer rumors.

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Chicago Bears roster at 53, more moves coming?

Chicago Bears roster cut Eben Britton

The Chicago Bears roster is at the league-mandated limit of 53 after Saturday’s cuts, but with the rest of the NFL trimming down their numbers, the roster you see today may not be the same you see tomorrow.

Notable cuts from the team include: offensive tackle Eben Britton, wide receivers Armanti Edwards and Chris Williams, center Taylor Boggs, defensive end Austin Lane, and cornerbacks C.J. Wilson and Kelvin Hayden. [Read more...]

California Golden Bears QB Jared Goff: a budding star


The Cal offense goes by many names: “The System,” “Air Raid,” “Bear Raid.”

“The System” sounds like something UC-Berkley students would protest against. Hey man, meet me by Sather Gate at 4:20 pm dude, we’re gonna demonstrate against THE SYSTEM broham. There’s going to be a massive demonstration on Telegraph Hill.

Califiornia Golden Bears Coach Sonny Dykes has his finger on the button of the system, and he’s handed controls over to sophomore quarterback Jared Goff. He has a budding star developing at the position.

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Tottenham transfer rumors: Welbeck, Holtby, Stambouli


It’s Sunday, and that means transfer rumors dominate the gossip pages and tabloids. We have  about 31 hours left before the summer transfer window shuts, so let’s talk some Tottenham transfer rumors. Let’s get this party started.

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Arsenal transfer rumors: Falcao, Carvalho, Cerci


It’s Sunday, and that means transfer rumors dominate the gossip pages and tabloids. We have  about 31 hours left before the summer transfer window shuts, so let’s talk some Arsenal transfer rumors. Let’s get this party started.

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Shinji Kagawa leaves Man United for Borussia Dortmund


Back in February, it looked like Shinji Kagawa would likely not be a part of the future at Old Trafford. That became reality today as Kagawa officially joined Borussia Dortmund. It was rumored then that Kagawa wanted to leave Manchester United during the January transfer window in search of finding a regular first team position elsewhere. Obviously, he stayed put.

He didn’t get much playing time under David Moyes, but he stuck around in the preseason to see how his fortunes might pan out under Louis van Gaal.

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Liverpool transfer rumors: Valdes, Borini, Falcao


It’s Sunday, and that means transfer rumors dominate the gossip pages and tabloids. We have  about 31 hours left before the summer transfer window shuts, so let’s talk come Liverpool transfer rumors. Let’s get this party started.

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Northwestern’s Pat Fitzgerald and Cal’s Sonny Dykes bury the hatchet


Given what transpired last year, one might have expected a somewhat tense, maybe a bit uneasy post game exchange between California Head Coach Sonny Dykes and Northwestern Coach Pat Fitzgerald today. When NU beat Cal 44-30 in the 2013 season opener, Dykes accused NU of faking injuries, in order to stall time and slow down the fast paced Bear Raid offense.

Fitzgerald responded to those comments as any one of us would, had someone questioned our professional integrity.

He wasn’t happy about the flopping accusation.

sonny dykes cal golden bears

Today, was a very different story though. Now, all is well.

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Notre Dame football keeps winning despite scandals


Notre Dame football keeps losing PR battles off the field under Brian Kelly. There have been numerous black eyes since the Kelly regime began. However, he keeps winning in spite of these scandals. It appears we’re nearing closure on the academic investigation involving five Notre Dame football players. The process has been completed and we may get an answer, possibly this week, on the fate of the suspended.

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Michigan State, East Division, class of B1G after week 1


Michigan State is the class of the Big Ten East division, and the East is the strongest of the two divisions. That’s what the B1G punditocracy was saying all summer long. Week one did nothing to prove otherwise. Maryland and Michigan won big, and they are two teams to watch out for. Especially since Ohio State looked very vulnerable.

Michigan State did not.

The Spartans were as good as advertised in week one. Here to break it down with me is Allison Hayes of Big Ten Network and City36oTV.

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PHOTO: Daley Blind travels to Manchester United for medical


Daley Blind is completing his move to Manchester United. The ink is drying on the contract and the details are being ironed out as we speak. Blind flew to Manchester on a private jet to undergo his medical.

Take a look:

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Man United still playing Arturo Vidal cat and mouse game


Time for your daily Arturo Vidal is coming/not coming/maybe coming/definitely coming to Manchester United update. We’ll look at what media outlets in which countries are saying the transfer has been completed. Or not. Or maybe it has.

There’s media in three countries interested in this: Juventus (Italy) his current club, Chile (where he was a national star for the World Cup team) and United (England of course!)

 One thing is for certain, no one can dispute this: the Arturo Vidal to Man United storyline will not go away.

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