Denver Broncos Reunite Jack Del Rio and John Fox (and it feels so good)



John Fox and Jack Del Rio have a song today: “Reunited: and it feels so good.”

“There’s one perfect fit, and sugar this one is it, we’re both so excited cuz we’re reunited, hey hey.” The Denver Broncos announced Friday night Del Rio as the team’s new defensive coordinator. The leather jacketed one, or at least the NFL coach most strongly associated with that article of clothing, was Fox’s first defensive coordinator with the Carolina Panthers in 2002 before leaving after one year to coach the Jacksonville Jaguars. Del Rio had a pretty decent tenure in JAX, but it ended when they fired him in November.

From the AP:

Del Rio replaces Dennis Allen, who left after one year in Denver to coach the Oakland Raiders.

Del Rio is the Broncos’ seventh defensive coordinator in seven seasons. Other men who have filled the Mile High musical chair in the last six seasons are Larry Coyer (2006), Jim Bates (2007), Bob Slowik (2008), Mike Nolan (2009) and Don Martindale (2010). Allen was the only one who left for a head coaching job.

“We are thrilled to be able to add such a well-respected defensive coach to our staff,” Fox said in a statement issued through the team’s Twitter account.

Now the job of bailing out Tim Tebow and by holding the opposition to very few points falls on Del Rio.

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