Cincinnati Bengals officially new team of HBO Hard Knocks



HBO Sports, NFL Films and the Cincinnati Bengals coalesce when Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Cincinnati Bengals debuts August 6th. The first sports based reality show kicks off its five-episode eighth season that Tuesday night at 9 PM CDT on HBO. Hour-long episodes debut subsequent Tuesdays, with an encore every Wednesday at 10:00 p.m CDT.

The Cincinnati Bengals Hard Knocks ends on Sept. 3.

“With playoff appearances three of the past four seasons, the Bengals have built a terrific young team and we are extremely grateful to both Coach Marvin Lewis and the entire organization for agreeing to participate. The series has become captivating television with appeal far beyond the hardcore football fan,” Ken Hershman, President, HBO Sports.

“This year’s Bengals squad provides us with a compelling combination of unique storylines: a veteran coaching staff, young superstars, high-profile free agents and an intriguing draft class,” said Howard Katz, COO of NFL Films and NFL Senior Vice President of Broadcasting.

The Cincinnati Bengals compete in the ultra-competitive AFC Central, so watching them prepare for the 2013 NFL season will provide great drama in the preseason before the real drama of the regular season. Hard Knocks in in its 12th season:

Said Cincinnati Bengals Coach Marvin Lewis added: “Some people say, ‘Well, you won the division the last time you did this; is that a reason for doing it again?’ I really don’t think that matters or figures much into the decision. Every day, every time is a new experience. As coaches and players, we just go into it knowing we have to do our jobs to the utmost. We have a grueling schedule, and expectations are very high, particularly among ourselves.”

A 24-person NFL Films crew will live in the city of Cincinnati as the Bengals will hold camp at Paul Brown Stadium, shooting more than 1,250 hours of footage shot over the course of the series.

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