Chicago Bears First Tweet was expectedly braggadocio



If you’ve dealt with the Chicago Bears Media Relations, then you know how they feel about the media covering them. They’re perfectly comfortable with you now showing up at all. They really don’t care if you cover them at all. They’ve even denied access to Bob Costas. So it makes sense that the Chicago Bears first ever Tweet would reflect their attitude towards the media.

The Bears believe they can just put out their own news with their own website and they don’t need you. Leading to…….This week Twitter released a feature that allows you to look up the first ever tweet ever posted by any account in the world.

Mine was getting about getting excited for an upcoming Chicago 2016 Summer Olympics initiative! LOL! Hey, the Chicago 2016 committee picked me to be their sports blogger. I quit a long time before the bid failed. So it was bad times all around.


Hilarity ensued. Look at the Portland Trail Blazers of the NBA. Tragically comic. (Find yours here) Anyways, here’s what the Chicago Bears produced.

Welcome to on Twitter … by following us, you’ll receive info directly from training camp you can’t get anywhere else.

— Chicago Bears (@ChicagoBears) July 22, 2009

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