The next Brandon Meriweather: Ohio St CB Bradley Roby



If you hate Washington Redskins Safety Brandon Meriweather, and you should, you might not have to worry about him too much longer. The way he plays the game, knocking himself out, knocking others out, showing no remorse for either, he’s not long for the NFL. Brandon Meriweather isn’t that good or that talented. He’s a more sinister Chuck Cecil, a human pinball with disregard for coverage schemes.

But get ready, because Ohio State’s Bradley Roby looks like the heir apparent. So next year, when the NFL has had enough of Brandon Meriweather, Bradley Roby will step right in and fill his slot as a NFL rookie, because Roby is likely to be drafted high. And there are lots of similarities.


Both Bradley Roby and Brandon Meriweather are known for their arrogance and trash talk. Meriweather just had another round of shooting his mouth off, this time attacking Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall. You know the New England Patriots have little to no standards when it comes to the character of their players, and even they grew tired of Meriweather.

OSU’s Roby made headlines in 2011 for talking trash to Illini WR and future first round draft pick A.J. Jenkins before the two teams met in midseason. Bradley Roby’s Twitter biography reads “2014 National Champion.” Maybe he’s referring to another sport? Because the Buckeyes won’t even get a sniff of the national title unless Florida State and Oregon both go down.

Roby also shares the dirty playing style of Brandon Meriweather, as he got ejected from the game versus the Iowa Hawkeyes for targeting.

Then there’s the legal issues. Ohio State would be smart to put someone on Bradley Roby, “covering him.” By that I mean watch him to make sure he doesn’t get into more trouble. He was arrested and charged with battery after being kicked out of a bar at IU. The charges were later dropped. Urban Meyer suspended him for a game.

Brandon Meriweather was involved in a shooting incident and suspended for a brawl at Miami, the most thuggish ruggish of all schools. In 2012, he was arrested on suspicion of DWI.

So when someone says Bradley Roby is the next Brandon Meriweather; it’s not the greatest compliment.

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