2011 Guest NBA Mock Draft 6-22-11

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  1. Peter Christian says:

    DK, I think you’re gonna get killed for that Kemba pick. I mean, I love Kemba but for whatever reason he’s not considered a top 5 pick.

    He’s a winner and has proven his desire to improve at every level. That should count for something, instead it’s the workouts vs. chairs that count.

  2. davidkay says:

    I’m well aware… but let’s be honest, we know I love Kemba (and my UConn hat which is reaching the levels of grossness that my Twins hat got to)… He is the most undervalued played in this draft… Kemba > Knight… Kanter is the only other guy I considered taking there

  3. paulmbanks says:

    I know what you’re thinking- how many Dukies does JohnGar Paxman (I coalesced the two de facto GMs into one name there- see what I did?) need on the roster? Well, this would make the roster 1/4 former Duke Blue Devils, but you know what the front office likes to do on draft night: go big school prospect with lots of college basketball experience.

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