INSANE Chicago sports fan has Bulls, Hawks, Bears, Sox hybrid tattoo (photo)



Talk about wearing your Chicago sports heart on your sleeve. Or at least on your arm. This crazy Chicago sports fan has had some permanent ink done He’ll have this tattoo when he (or she, we don’t know for sure) is 90 years old. It’s a composite of a Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks logo, borrowing elements from each insignia.

Sorry, Chicago Cubs, this must be a Southsider. And the Chicago Fire, Wolves, Sky and Red Stars. Unfortunately you’re left out too. What a Chicago sports fan huh?

Too bad this person is not a Cubs fan, he’d be a prime candidate for this new Cubs marketing campaign highlighting the craziest of Cubs fans.


Photo credit MSN of Darren Rovell

Hey, Chicago sports are not to be taken lightly. Chicago sports are kind of a big deal. Plus whatever team is winning, he or she is already on the bandwagon.

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