Bruins cast off Tyler Seguin: rather dumb and socially backward



As if Boston sports needed more bad news. Boston athletes were generating enough negative PR as it is. Enter Tyler Seguin.

Well exit Tyler Seguin, he does so many dumb things that he got himself traded out of town to the Dallas Stars. Mostly because he’s such a party animal. To be fair, Tyler Seguin is pretty dumb when he’s sober too. His partying got so bad that the Bruins hired a guard to watch him in the hotel during the playoffs, according to the Boston Herald.

And now someone should hire a guard to watch the Tyler Seguin Twitter account. Because he went and did this.

“Embracing his new home.”

@tylerseguin92: “Only steers and queers in Texas, and I’m not a cow.”

So is this the worst coming out party ever? And did Tyler Seguin gay bash himself? What’s going on here? Interesting choice here by Tyler Seguin. Homosexuals come from all walks of life and live everywhere. Yet the most resistance to the Gay Rights movement originates in the Bible Belt; among the “red states,” where the bigoted Christian Conservatives dominate. Your “Moral Majority” and “Focus on the Family” types.

Q: Where do they thrive????

A: I’ll say “Texas” for $500!

Yes, Texas, the reddest of the red states. The most likely place you’ll find gay bashers and homophobes. I know he did this only because that’s where he’s now playing but still….

Q: How did Tyler Seguin explain his actions??

A: I’ll take “the bullshit hacking excuse” for $500!

Yes, especially those hackers targeting NHL players who gay bash on Twitter RT @tylerseguin92 “Twitter hacking has to stop. My apologies”

Tyler Seguin, thanks for coming. We have some lovely parting gifts for you.

Paul M. Banks is the owner of The Sports (“Quasi-endorsed” by Philadelphia Eagles Coach Chip Kelly) He’s also an author who contributes regularly to MSN, Fox Sports , Chicago Now, Walter and Yardbarker

Banks has appeared on the History Channel, as well as ESPN and CBS radio all over the world. The NFL, NBA expert does a weekly spot for 95.7 The Fan. President Barack Obama follows him on Twitter (@PaulMBanks), like him on Facebook

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  1. Paul, you’re a moron and your pro-gay agenda is so freakin’ transparent, it’s actually funny. YOU wrote: “where the bigoted Christian Conservatives dominate”. Interesting how “bashing” is forbidden, but permitted, written and evidently condoned by YOURSELF. But only when the bashing of Christians or Conservatives, right? Take a good, long, hard look in the mirror before you start throwing stones, idiot.

  2. Great article. Tyler needs to grow up.

  3. Now, what did you say about being bigoted? LOL

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