Justin Bieber stepped on the Blackhawks Logo WHO CARES???!!!!



I hate Justin Bieber as much as you do. I hate the “Biebs,” the Bieber hair style, Beliebers etc. I’m so sick of all of them. To say I hate Justin Bieber isn’t really true, I just don’t care. Neither should you. So I’m sick of. Who cares if Justin Bieber touched the Stanley Cup? It’s a trophy, not your wife’s vagina. And you know what I DO NOT CARE AT ALL about you touching the Stanley Cup. Do not show me your dumb cliched pictures.

Oh you have a Twitter/Facebook avatar with the Stanley Cup? WOW YOU’RE SO ORIGINAL!

And Justin Bieber stepped on the Chicago Blackhawks indian logo in the locker room? DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNTTTTTTTTT CAARRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

It’s not like he stepped on your wife’s vagina with poisoned spikes on or anything.

Justin Bieber sucks. He’s overrated, over-exposed, his music blows, I know. But to spend all this time hating on this? Get things in life to do. Find stuff to worry about; stuff that matters. Justin Bieber is a non-story. This Blackhawks head superstition crap is a non-story! GET A LIFE!

I know this is BEYOND STUPID! Justin Bieber made this mistake and now he’s paying for it. I hate the Biebs, but I have to side with him on this one.

The Chicago Blackhawks do a lot of dumb condescending things to people, but this is ONE OF THE MOST CONDESCENDING AND STUPID!

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