Blur’s Damon Albarn predicted Moyes Man United disaster



Rock stars is there anything they don’t know? Chelsea supporting Damon Albarn fronted Blur, the greatest rock band of all time, and that designation is not up for debate. Albarn also founded Gorillaz, which is an okay to just above average band.

Two members of Blur are Arsenal supporters, while the fourth is undeclared or unknown. Back to Damon Albarn, he’s a huge fan of The Special One Jose Mourinho, and the Whitechapel-born singer-songwriter had it in his mind that former Everton boss David Moyes would fail at Old Trafford.


From an interview Damon Albarn did with Absolute Radio 

I found this on Tribal Football.

“Moyes was never, ever going to last a year,” Albarn added.

“I never actually looked at him and genuinely thought, ‘This guy is going to be able to last a year.; And all that rubbish about, ‘Oh no, United are, you know we stick with our managers’ that’s a bygone era and it was pretty naive.

“I think that’s a shame because I don’t think it’s fair on David Moyes. I feel sorry for him but you know he’s well out of it now. He won’t be working in the Premier League for a while. He should go abroad.”

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  1. Yeah, 20/20 hindsight is a wonderful thing! Best rock group in the world? You’re ‘avin a larf. Might just make the top 100 at best!

  2. Chelsea rentboy, chelsea rentboy, woooahh woooahh

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