Mark Hamill Shifting His “Fan Support” to Liverpool FC? Newcastle United?



Social media had a ton of fun with legendary actor Mark Hamill inadvertently becoming a fan of Wolverhampton Wolves. The man famous for portraying beloved hero Luke Skywalker in the excessively popular Star Wars franchise “liked” a tweet in which he was queried about his feelings for Wolves.

Hamill thought it was a question about the furry animals, but it actually related to the Wolverhampton Wanderers, known by their nickname of Wolves, who currently compete in the Championship, English football’s second highest tier.

“Is this the British football team you’re looking for?”

Wolves moved up to this tier in 2014, after a single season in League One, the third tier. The Wolves community went crazy about this Twitter exchange, and before you knew it, the discussion went from Tweets to mainstream media, all over the world.

It led to days of very substantial media coverage.


Mark Hamill then did some investigation into British football, and the results verified the great mantra of Obi-Wan Kenobi: “some of the truths that we hold most dear depend on our point of view.”

Perhaps Liverpool FC is the real time in Hamill’s heart? Perhaps their connection to The Beatles gives them the advantage?

Newcastle United fans made their case too. There’s a lot of room for interpretation here.

It’s perfectly fine to support more than one team all the time. After all, “only a Sith deals in absolutes.”

Obviously, Mark Hamill is being tongue-in-cheek with those whole thing, and it’s all in good fun. His Twitter account has certainly been very entertaining lately; even more so than usual.

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