Recent Notre Dame QB Drama Kings: Rees, Golson, Clausen, Jones, Kiel



Since 2007, we haven’t had a Notre Dame QB who have sufficient baggage. Starters at the illustrious position of Notre Dame QB, the most high profile position in all of college football have included: Demetrius Jones, Jimmy Clausen, Dayne Crist, Tommy Rees, Andrew Hendrix, and Everett Golson. With the exception of Hendrix all have made headlines off the field.

Jones and Crist didn’t do anything scandalous; they just left ND over issues of playing time. Both just had trouble fitting in. While Golson, Rees and Clausen could very well be characters in the 1993 college football drama “The Program.”

Pick a recent Notre Dame QB and he’s provided enough drama to play for the “ESU Timberwolves,” or star on Friday Night Lights.


Gunner Kiel

I actually left Kiel out because he never threw a pass for Notre Dame. But he’s a drama queen in his own right, as he committed to FOUR SCHOOLS before even playing a down of college football. Gunner Kiel changes his mind more than John Kerry and Mitt Romney combined.

Tommy Rees

The native of ultra-elite, old money Lake Forest has an arrest and DUI to his name. Rees plead not guilty on May 17th, 2012 to four misdemeanor counts, including resisting arrest, battery and underage consumption. But he’s not the only Rees sibling who’s run afoul of the law via alcohol. His sister, Meghan Rees, was kicked out of the Purdue game in 2011 and arrested for an alcohol offense as well.

Everett Golson

The news of Everett Golson last night is what’s stimulating this Notre Dame QB discussion today. According to Dan Murphy of Blue and Gold Illustrated, Everett Golson didn’t receive a grade in accounting class this semester. That forfeits all grades he received this semester.


Jimmy Clausen

The emu resembling QB is pretty much a real life version of J.D. McCoy from Friday Night Lights. Here’s my essay explaining that. So if you’re a Notre  Dame QB recently, you haven’t had a very quiet, stable career.

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