Brian Kelly Lashes Out at Notre Dame WR T.J. Jones (Video)



The anger/frustration expressed in this video is indicative of Murphy’s Law.

Murphy’s law is an epigram typically stated as: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” And it pretty much summed up the season opener for the #16 Notre Dame Fighting Irish, as they dropped a 23-20 decision to South Florida. USF came in ten point underdogs, despite being a Big East conference favorite by many college football experts.

I guess it’s fitting that a law with an Irish name was in effect for a team nicknamed the Irish. Here are just a few things that went wrong for ND: they turned it over three times inside the USF five yard line; finished the game -5 in turnover differential, had -2 punt return yards, entered the red zone six times, but scored just twice, their kicker who had a perfect season last fall missed a chip shot field goal, and the loss came despite perfectly doubling their opponent yardage (508-254).

Coach Brian Kelly absolutely loses it here on national television. (That really can’t help recruiting, can it?) The recipient of his wrath is sophomore receiver T.J. Jones, who didn’t turn in time to receive a Tommy Rees pass in the second half of Saturday’s loss. The ball hit him in the helmet and resulted in one of those inside-the-five turnovers, as a USF defender picked it off.

Kelly gets so angry about this play he almost makes Bob “The General” Knight or Bo Pelini look warm and cuddly by comparison. I’m sure if Kelly’s primary care doctor saw this he would cringe.

Maybe Kelly can make himself feel more at ease by signing this receiving prospect, who’s right in his backyard. A kid who had 447 receiving yards in a game, could probably run a better red zone route.

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  1. Kelly is a little frigin mouse! Where did he play?
    Hes a P O S that had it made because he was at a program most of his career that people wanted to play at and he didn’t have to coach ..He alonhg with his buddy up in Buffalo both suck!
    I hope the Irish get smoked all season so this jag off gets fired!

  2. The media guide doesn’t mention where he played college ball. I’m not sure he did play. It mentions defensive coordinator Bob Diaco played LB at Iowa

  3. How does this clown even have a job at ND? He was responsible for the death of a student. ND is the leader in hypocrisy. Touchdown Jesus…….give me a F&^%$% Break.

  4. Homer Adams says

    Kelly should be fired for his display during the game. He was a complete Jackass!!!

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